Adventures On Leesville Lake

My wife, Rhonda, and I have the only two sailboats on Leesville Lake, VA. We had a dock built last summer and launched our 19' sloop this spring. We took her out for a few hours last weekend and plan to go out again tomorrow.

Trekked down to the dock to check on things today. Got measurements for the companionway cover so I can make one out of 1/4" smoked plexiglass. Got measurements on the wood that needs to be replaced on the walkway to the dock, not as bad as I anticipated. Fastened a bright, solar piwered light fixture to the piling next to the gangway. It should light up the entire dock and gangway. Now to devise a way to provide lighting on the walkway from the landing.

Removed the guys that stabilize the mast for stepping and lowering. I wasn't sure if they were actually part of the standing rigging but a little research cleared that up, so they won't be in the way when going to the foredeck. Attached a couple of temporary jib fairlead blocks to the grab rails, and put a quick coat of wax on the deck and cabin top.

I wasn't sure about this boat at first, but the more time I spend with her the more I'm really digging it. She's an awesome looking sloop and I believe the performance will be greatly improved now that I can trim the jib properly.

Anyway, we're all set to sail over to the Leesville Lake Marina for tomorrow evening's festivities! I'll get the companionway cover made this evening. It should really dress up the cockpit.