Marketing in Travel and Tourism

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The marketing mix consists of strategies used by a firm so that they can achieve their objectives.

The marketing mix consists of strategies used by a firm so that they can achieve their objectives. In the tourism sector, it involves finding out about competitors and customers so that there is a provision of the right merchandise in the right place. The market mix consists of 4 P’s namely product, price, promotion, and place. The study of humanities essay topics will investigate the design and development of the price, product, and place elements of the marketing mix of Trailfinders. It will analyze on the importance of service sector mix elements to the tourism zone. Finally, the research will apply the notion of the total travel product to an individual tourism business and destination.

Issues in the Product, Price and Place Elements of the Marketing Mix

The first item of the section comprises of the product XE "Product" . The proposed product XE "Product" or service idea should answer a vital question: Who is going to use the services? In this case, we have selected Trailfinders, a leading tour and travel company in the UK. The merchandises involved within the service comprise of the product of Trailfinders is tailored in economy class, premium economy, business class, and first class services. The product decision is analyzed in product design, product quality, branding and product features.

The products and services offered by Trailfinders are accessible on their website. Further, their offices are open for seven days in a week in 31 centers across Ireland and the UK. Scott and Hall, there are consultants in flights, tours, and hotels in all the offices. Another facet of making the service offered reachable is to place brochures in local companies that most meticulously relate to retailing the service. The suitable businesses may include restaurants, banks, and insurance companies. The product length of the company is long as it offers an extensive range of merchandises. Trailfinders suggests services such as vaccinations in their travel clinic, passport and visas consultancy, foreign exchanges, VIP airport lounges worldwide, airport parking and hotels, insurance cover, and particulars needed for the service. The product depth of the company comprises of different subcategories depending on the quality of services. Thus, there are services tailored for first class or VIP and others for the economy class services.

Price is an essential feature of the marketing mix as it is the only one that brings a turnover for the company. The set price is guided by the demand and supply relationship. It should take into consideration the competition, fixed and variable costs, corporation objectives, and the target group as well as their willingness to pay. The price strategies adapted include penetration, competition, bundle pricing, product line, discount, optional, premium, and psychological pricing.

Place can be defined as the distribution network. The Trailfinders ensures that the services are distributed to the product to the user at the right time and place. The company uses a selective distribution where a number of outlets distribute the product. The selective distribution ensures that the product of the company through a large terrestrial spread.

Assess the Importance of Service Sector Mix Elements to the Travel and Tourism Sector

The service sector mix component is an extension of the 4 Ps framework. It includes other 3 Ps that include people, process, and physical evidence. In service, the service quality is attached from the quality of amenity provider. The firm’s staff are motivated and respond to customers’ complaints with efficiency. They answer calls within ten seconds, and their clients do not wait for long to be attended. The physical environment comprises of the environment in which the service conveyed and any tangible goods that advance the performance and announcement of the service. Clients can purchase the Trailfinders products online or visit their offices.

The last element is the process that affects the way in which services delivered to customers. Thus, the marketing activities should ensure that it happens at all levels of the marketing department, ensure that the company adjusts a new technology to provide services at a low cost, ensure that there is a continuous increase in the use of services and ensure there is a quick response to complaints and problems of clients. The company can improve on their areas of weaknesses to warrant that it achieve a competitive gain over their competitors.

Apply the Concept of the Total Tourism Product to an Individual Tourism

The entire tourism product is a group of components brought together to satisfy the needs of customers. In Thomas Cook, they offer physical objects, places, services, personalities, and ideas. The tourist product in Thomas Cook is the impression of package holidays. Customers can get products swiftly by visiting their website. Their products include holidays, deals, hotels, flights, city escapes, flight and hotel, cruise, luxury, and destinations. Further, the company provides genuine advisory services so that customers get the right information about the situation on the ground and not relying on hearsay. The physical evidence is useful in making choices, and the company has virtual videos to aid their clients to make selections. Further, the client can reduce the risk of not having the satisfaction by use of a trip advisor. The company has employees who are aware of different languages that are used in communication.