Why would you all pay just like that

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The major thing I despise in madden is they favor scrambling quarterbacks vs Pocket Passers. Even with a 98 offensive lineup, protections are passed by all, I can't sit with no somebody in my face. In spite of Gunslinger my Tom Brady still has sacked while 80 percent of the time. ID the border man on the exact same side as running back, double staff the edge guy on the other side and be sure you have good penalizing Tight Ends. You are going to get a lot more time. Yea Especially when they've all there x-factors about the d-line running Pinch Buck.Why would you all pay just like that.

In real life much better and your blessed 3seconds Mut 21 coins have thrown. So it is not soccer. It's how to find the plays to get around the defense or offense. In real life fall 3 measures and 5 or throw steps back for a shotgun and throw. Frankly though I really don't mean that it stinks. Do all you play with it like that. Why? I mean that is football! Trying to run play out of working. So it is the same thing. Is not it dull running the exact same play over and over again.

For your advice, I will get sacked two times. My offense is based around fast passes out of gun pack, singleback ace, singleback wing bend, gun trey open, gun ace, gun excursions and I-form close. I am getting the ball out. However, what's irritating is when my receivers don't get open, they bring a three man rush and my offensive linemen can't hold blocks for over two seconds for my receivers to get separation. I win 18 games a week I am a good buy Madden 21 coins player. I do run the exact same play over and over again. Pass is broken.

Yeah that is tight you're playing football and winning it seems like on a high level. I mean literally the play and one defense everytime. No you are playing football and coach. I just wondered why ppl do this? Nahnot you your understanding of play and soccer isn't what I supposed I really don't care in 40 amd it's a game. I'd get bored.If they bring a blitz, you're right that you should need to get rid of the ball immediately. If three rushers are brought by them you should have a little time if you keep a return to block. I think that was the point.

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