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The current NYC laws state that landowners are answerable for keeping up sidewalks in good repair the sidewalk adjoining their property. Should your sidewalk become damaged and risky for pedestrian traffic, you're liable for the sidewalk fixes. Ignoring deserts on the sidewalk is somewhat similar to making some ticking time bomb before your property. You know it won't be long until you get one of those flawless violations.  In the end, you need DOT sidewalk violation removal services to avoid severe penalties.

Get the work done in the right time interval

When you've gotten the violation, you're given 75 days to complete the work and have a last inspection of your sidewalk. When the examiner confirms the fixes have been done and says you're all set, you'll have to request a violation dismissal. This is a simple procedure that should be possible on the web.

Waiting too long will price you

In the event that you decide not to have the necessary fixes made, the city will at that point have the sidewalk fixed for you with one of their contracting organizations, and you'll not long after accepting the bill. We would say, this route will consistently cost the landowner more than had they hired a private sidewalk fix organization, in the first place.

The landowner will have to pay the DOT’s bill, or landowner will face greater penalties

In the event that you have the fixes done, you're home free at this point. Be that as it may, if you decide to let the city have their team handle it and charge you, you will have 90 days to pay the expenses. After this 90-day time span, a lien will be set on your property that can't be removed until the fixes have been come up with all required funds. Should you ever end up in this scrape without the way to take care of the city tab, they do offer an installment plan choice too.   

Accepting a violation of any sort can be nerve-wracking, so do what you can to keep your sidewalk in great condition and never need to stress over DOT violations. If you do get served a notification, essentially look to our sidewalk fix organization to get things back altogether.  

Reliable sidewalk construction experts in NYC

We are your top of the line sidewalk violation contractors in NYC. Regardless of whether you are in need of a simple fix of a full-scale sidewalk replacement, you can rely on us to take care of business directly in an ideal way. Keeping up an excellent and safe sidewalk is basic for any NYC region business, and our sidewalk fix specialists give the entirety of the services expected to keep your sidewalk in supreme condition. Call us today to get a free quotation for any of the services we offer:

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