Want to Know the Best Examples of Technology in Education - Here They Are

Five applications, tools and platforms that can entirely change the way you learn

Presently, we are living in a world where technology has taken over everything and the educational sector is not an exception. Many institutes are now solely relying on the ed-tech tools to not only support their students but also enhance the learning environment.

Although it is hard for educators to stay updated with the ever-evolving technologies like assignment help UK, going through the following list might help. We have put together 6 applications, tools and platforms that can entirely change the way your learners learn and feel about academics.

1.    Flashnotes

Are your students least interested in noting down the lectures while you dry your throat giving every bit of the information you think is important? Well, this might be the best time when you tell them that they can actually earn a little cash by taking notes and see how pages turn.

Flashnotes is providing students with a platform to upload their notes and sell them to other students requiring assistance. The application works by a rating system that ensures the authenticity of each seller. This way, the genuine trader gets to do more business and expand the network by sharing more of their work.

2.    Study Blue

For students, Study Blue is the best application to keep their study materials, assignments and notes all at one place. It also allows them to share their materials with their friends. If one doesn’t like to study alone, there is an option to search for learners having the same interest or working on a similar project.

Furthermore, one good thing about the app is that it can be easily accessed from anywhere. Whether you are attending a workshop or going on a long drive, you can still go through your exam materials and prepare for the upcoming assessment test.

3.    Flipped Classroom

As students are more used to the screens than meeting people in real, this one technology allows you to conduct classes online. The lectures are delivered in video formats for learners to access anytime and anywhere.

Being a teacher, you can also offer one-on-one sessions in case your students have questions. The session will completely focus on addressing their concerns and clearing any misunderstandings. By integrating this model, you cannot only save time but work on areas of improvement.

4.    Kid Blog

Specifically designed for young learners who have an interest in blogging, Kid Blog provides a platform to kids who desire to start their own blog. Here, you can help them in choosing the theme and structuring content for their webpage.

Ultimately, it will empower them to be different and strive to create a separate image. Moreover, both fellow students and parents can participate in the online activity and leave a positive feedback to encourage the young blogger. Trust us, the Kid Blog is perfect for those who are hesitant to write their thoughts and at the same time keep their content protected.

5.    Knewton

Knewton supports optimal learning by personalising content. The system analyses student’s performances and offers them a personalised experience based on their performance. From instructional content including videos and texts, Knewton supports multiple courses in chemistry, economics, mathematics and statistics.

The platform is continuously adopting new technologies to deliver lasting impact to put achievement within reach. You’ll surely receive affordable, accessible and impeccable quality services.

After all, technological advancements not only provides opportunities to befriend new developments but also improve students’ productivity. However, these technologies must not fully substitute the traditional methods and should be evaluated before integrating into your education system.

So, which technology are you going to adopt? Tell us by commenting, we’d love to hear from you!