The One They Personally Would Like To Construct

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I watched a movie posted by Eric Rayweather; yes, that annoying ass dude, that talked about how the developers would need to create each and every facet of the Madden 21 coins era aspects again because of them using another"cloud" to store things on. He said that the devs need to execute this stuff, but don't have the time like they need. It's been an whole console generation, and franchise is the same. Not a single meaningful change.I feel your pain. But after viewing the video, it made sense as to why items were not added back. That is a ton of programming they would have to update. The only bright side is they won't ever have to re-code anything that they've already placed in.

So somebody with more knowledge please if I'm mistaken correct me, I honestly do not know. I'd think a great deal of the Franchise style improvements ought to be relatively simple. It is not graphics or animations or anything. Repairing the injury frequency and the trade system are. Or incorporating a better coaching carousel.Give me chemistry involving gamers, asst coaches with different traits, provide me positional ratings(a LT cant play with C, a OLB cant only readily switch to MLB. Some can that is great.

I like that thought. MVP Baseball used to do if they're not in their primary position so your players would require a hit defensively. I have ever been interested in possibly not having OVR. Features so it's about picking players based off how they match the strategy. Isn't harm frequency a slider? You are able to correct that if you do not think that it's right. Trade systems are tough to balance. So much goes to a trade decision irl, and there's so much variance and debate concerning whether a trade was worth it. It is not really feasible to create an AI that will always act reasonably without becoming so stingy that the participant couldn't get an edge. Doesn't make their current weighting good, it is not, but figuring out the ideal balance is remarkably difficult, and there is a risk of making it even worse, hence the reason why they have not touched it in a meaningful manner in years.

Coordinators wouldn't be challenging from a technical perspective per se, but again you have to design a system around their execution. What do they affect? Can you link head trainers and cheap Madden 21 coins playbooks, or make it freeform? If the first, then what part does a head coach have? Then what really is their objective? How aggressive are in registering them the AI? When making those decisions do groups consider roster fit? When looking at free agency, do players believe coaches? And above all, do in order to incorporate their likenesses, they have to renegotiate with all the NFL Coaches Association? And would EA want to tell the devs to dedicate time to figuring this out system rather than other things (like MUT content)?