The Political Merry-Go-Round.

Non profit activism in this domestic cold Geo-political war

    Many conservative civil action groups ride the political merry-go-round and try to score the brass ring. They think that is change and victory. But the machine keeps going around around. So what was the victory? How long will it last?

   Governor Ron DeSantis, (R-FL) ends common core in public education in his state. But the machine that advocates for common core to continue remains in their bunkers.

    Pres, Trump signs executive order for free speech on collage campuses. But yet the forces pushing for the silencing of conservative voices remain. Though currently disgruntled have gone back to their HQ think up the next round of how to accomplish more silencing.

     With the democrat party, DNC, and its elected officials openly defying the US Constitution, piecemeal after piecemeal, there can not be reconciliation of the two party system. One party has got to go. It's them or us time. Social oppression or liberty.

     The S2 Project is which I founded is much different. Not only have I rejected the non profit corporate “Donate-to-us” model that ends up selling tee shirts and hats. And little else beside the rhetoric. I totally rejected the idea that the brass ring is a prize. The S2 Project is a liberty based Military Republic which will elect the leadership annually to fight this domestic Geo-political war. Mainly the reason being its going to be a long war. Recruit, train, fight, add new battalions repeat. So no brass ring,them what? To continue with metaphor started above... We dismantle the motor that runs the carousel and destroy the transformer for where it gets it's power from. Let them fix that! All with in the law. Before the opposition legislates away any Citizen recourse left to us. Truly it is a fifty battle for fifty States war of liberty to be won or lost. Washington, DC is the distraction.

-C Oldham, Founder, The S2 Project