The Combo Of Fresh Moves

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Kawhi Leonard lebron James, and legends like Kobe Bryant and Tim Hardaway have trademark dribble idle stands. Magic Johnson and John Stockton set their crimes with their unique movement bringing the ball up court, while open floor 2k21 mt purchase players such as Russell Westbrook and Giannis Antetokounmpo get different sprint mountain cartoons in transition. There are 27 distinct styles that you'll see across the league that you'll have access to in MyCAREER to produce the type of ball handler you want.

Here's the list of styles: Base, Big, Power, Fundamental, Quick, Slasher, Shifty, James Harden, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Jerry West, Dennis Johnson, John Stockton, Allen Iverson, Tim Hardaway, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Isiah Thomas, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Stephen Curry, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard. Being a successful chunk handler is so much about rhythm and change of speed. The new system provides you lots of tools to do that, just using the left stick. But if you want to produce your defender look bad in the process, you are going to want some"sauce."

This year, we are introducing a new size-up mechanic that allows you to chain standing dribble moves together in a cleaner and more realistic way. Every movement is performed one to one by flicking the Guru Stick and there are no pre-scripted sequences this year. James Harden has his patented between legs setup moves, Kyrie Irving has an collection of streetball handles, Allen Iverson has his big hesi cross, and the list goes on. The new size-ups actually give you the freedom to create your very own special rhythm. Once mastered, you'll have the ability to break off even the very best on-ball defenders.

But when over-dribbling or seeking to carry out the wrong moves in the wrong time, you'll see players fumbling the ball or easily getting ripped by their own defenders. We are also giving players access to new innovative moves such as behind back wrap leaks, Luka Doncic's fake stepback, stutter chop steps, new shammgods, and the imitation sham hesi that Will Bynum pulled out in the Big Three. And even before you put the ball down, triple threat crime was expanded as well, using a plethora of new moves including: directional jabs, mid-stepovers, shimmies, and fresh first measures. I'm excited to see how imaginative the community gets with the newest ball handling tools at their disposal. Ankles beware.

But don't worry, we didn't forget the defensive end of the floor. On-ball defenders are going to be delighted to hear that we're providing more tools to assist them lockdown their checks too. Internally, we've been calling this Read React Defense. When 2k21 mt central guarding the balldefensive players will notice a small arrow under the ball handler, indicating where they're leaning or trying to go. The arrow shows up in various times based on the guardian's skills, simulating the different reaction times among a bad defender and a great one.