A Minute Guide To Rattan Garden Furniture

When Garden Lounge Set consisted of a few folding chairs with padded cushions the fabric was the most important consideration

Attractive outdoor furnishings can make the difference between an average look garden or patio and one that is stunning. For versatility, comfort, and looks Rattan Lounge Set is a choice that packs a punch. Here is your 5 minute guide to the basics of this exotic option.

Consider your budget. It is possible to find very inexpensive outdoor furniture, but realize that less-expensive furniture often does not wear as well. You will be better off buying the best-quality pieces you can afford. Like the major pieces inside your home, outdoor furniture is an investment.

How many people will use it? This is an important consideration if buying a patio set. Choose one to seat the maximum number of people that are likely to use it: six-seat sets often cost little more than those that seat four.

A larger table will be more comfortable to dine at when there are only two or four people and will accommodate six when necessary.

Make sure what you choose fulfils your requirements: is it for dining at, drinking at or just relaxing? If you are unlikely to eat in the garden, choose a small patio set that you can use for early evening drinks or the occasional snack and invest in some comfortable garden chairs to relax in.

What will it look like in the garden? This is key, particularly if you look at it directly from the house. Most of us spend more time looking at the garden than we do living in it.

Your garden furniture should be a very important part of the garden picture, so get it right. Just like any other feature in the garden the furniture should be in keeping with the style of the house and garden.

Will the furniture be in the garden all year round?

Decide whether you want your furniture to be a permanent feature in the garden, or whether you will pack it away for the winter. Perhaps you only intend to put the furniture out in fair weather. In either case storage, weight and ability of the furniture to fold are all important.

Wood, Metal, and Resin: what’s the best choice?

All materials are excellent in their way and all can look good in the right setting.

When Garden Lounge Set consisted of a few folding chairs with padded cushions the fabric was the most important consideration: we chose the prettiest; now it is the basic structure of the furniture that is all important.

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