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New to Runescape - Completed two quests so far like this

You're gonna need to add like 3 more actions bars to be efficient.I did not know there were more action pubs. I will have to do another session similar to this - someone told me to perform a waterfall pursuit. There is a great deal of empty space under your inventory. Might be a wonderful place for your interface, especially once you start using beasts of burden.

UI is completely personal taste, so my advice is precisely exactly what I found works for me to decrease clutter. I think one change you can make would be to condense your boxes. The ones that you use often can stay separate if you prefer, and then another chats can be condensed into one box and be changed between each other through tabs (such as if you use All Chat and Clan chat often, you can have those separate but if you never use buddies chat or alternative types, no need to have those cluttering the UI.

Another thing would be to earn action bars. They will save you a great deal of space and you will not need to have each the melee, ranged, old school runescape gold prayer, etc tabs opened up. Your actions bars (you can have around 10 I think ) should have all of your needed abilities, prayers, and skilling key orbits (and you can cycle through them by clicking the tiny number in the top right corner of this activity bars!). If my formatting is weird, so I apologize, I am on mobile.