A reasonable combination of gems will be of great help to POE beginners

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With the increasing popularity of POE Harvest, more and more potential players have officially joined the game as a member of POE players. They need to know what to do to keep up with the pace of the game. No one wants to be too behind others. Beginners only need to master a little practical game skills and a small amount of POE Currency to adapt to the rhythm and play of the game.

Take the mana required by the player’s character as an example. When they release active skills, they need to spend a certain amount of mana and activate them in weapons or armor. They can easily link the most important skills to the four-point button on the controller so that players can always master them. It is not much different from the skills that players release in other RPG games. Once you figure out what the gems can do for themselves, just collect a lot of mana and chop them into groups of monsters. The main difference between other games and POE is that the appearance of gems gives players more options for using power.

Players also need to remember that they need to put gems in the corresponding slots to play their best role. It supports gems that can use with gems of any color. The addition of auxiliary gems can also allow other gems to exert greater power and help players to complete more arduous tasks. They can also have talented gems such as split arrows and supported by two auxiliary gems such as burning and crit. The arrows fired by players not only cause extra damage to the enemy’s heart but also have a greater chance of hitting. Gems in POE have unlimited possibilities. It depends on how players use skills.

In summary, these are some tips that are very helpful to players. When beginner players formally enter the game, they can experience what effect these tips will have on their game journey. But don’t forget that they need to Buy POE Chaos Orb before completing the task. It is very important to them at this stage.