NBA 2K21 MT Farming Tips for Beginners

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In NBA 2K20 MyTeam you need to build your own team of current and former NBA players to compete in a variety of game modes. To do this, you must get a lot of NBA 2K21 MT that are used to buy card packs or upgrade your current player’s talents and whatnot. So how to gey MT fast in NBA 2K20?


By playing through Domination you can get a ton of game experience and farming plenty of rewards, including MT coins. What’s more, you choose the difficulty for every game. Obviously, the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.

The aim is to collect stars that count toward additional rewards. Completing the first game on Rookie difficulty will give you 375 MT, three team cards, and a team logo, along with one star towards the overall rewards.

If you complete it on All-Star, the rewards will jump up to 625 MT, three team cards, and Evolution player from that team who you can upgrade, and three stars.

In all, you can earn 36 tokens, tens of thousands of MT, and a 91 OVR Sam Jones SG/SF if you earn 99 stars. Earning 33 stars in ’20 Domination will unlock Historic Domination, and 33 stars there will unlock All-Time Domination.

Between the three you can rack up a lot of MT, a ton of players, evolution cards, tokens, and plenty of game experience.

Finding your strengths and make MT coins

There are over 100 kinds of players in NBA 2K, each coming with different badges. Finding the right balance for your playstyle is very important. Whether you want your point guard to be lights out from a distance or a wizard distributing the ball, it all changes your team dynamic.

To find your strengths play a few matches and spend entire games on one positional player. A good one to start with is Power Forward since the position has evolved so much over time. Whether you’re a stretch four, paint beast, or somewhere in between, you should give each a try to find your fit.

Once you know the archetypes you play best with, you can optimize your MyTEAM so you can outplay stock lineups.


Challenges can help you earn a solid amount of MT, but don’t expect to get rich off these challenges. Here are some we recommend first:

Moments Challenges: These are 4-or-5 minute games that earn you 2000+ MT per game. They are on low difficulty, but there are only 3 of them that offer MT as rewards.

Kobe Spotlight Challenge: The Kobe Challenges help you earn over 20k MT total for playing 8 games, in addition to over a 100 tokens and two Diamond items.

Spotlight Challenges: If you’re grinding for Harden/Kobe anyway, these challenges will help you earn MT slowly, but surely.

Auction house and trade

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You must know that you should never underestimate the card. At least one person in the entire player group always wants a particular card. You should also remember that you can also find cards by completing the challenge independently, so don't waste all your expenses on card investments.

Based on general experience, you should choose a potential card to enter someone's settings. Another measure you can take to change the filters in the MUT storage, including transactions that may run out and be used very quickly.

Finally, try using a card with a "coin" icon. This means you can use the "fast sale" option for these cards, and their cost will not fluctuate significantly. These cards give you some decent coins.

Triple Threat Online

The 3v3 Online mode can make you tons of MT quickly, and you’ll also get some other cool prizes to go along with you winnings. Each game gives you 250+ (mostly 300+) MT, plus ball drops that give you 200+ each drop.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to win games to achieve these results. However, you’ll make tens of thousands of MT in less than an hour if you do so.

Play more, get more

If you want to farm a lot of MT fast, you should focus on one game mode and play more, get more. If you use the legendary NBA 2k20, you will get 50000 MT, which can help you build an ideal team, but remember, these 500000 MT can be put into use later in the winter. Another tip is to enter the auction house immediately so that you can buy good players at a lower price. You will confront the team online, and the team you are facing will be improved, so the auction house is necessary.

Locker Code for free

No price is better than free, and NBA 2K20 gives you a few options for free players. You can redeem a Locker Code for player, pack, or MT in NBA 2K20 MyTeam. These codes are often expired in a week and some are never expired. You can get these codes on 2K's Twitter. Follow them and obtain more chances to get free codes for MyTEAM Points.

Along with free players NBA 2K20 has had plenty of free packs. Whether attached to events or temporary locker codes, you can probably find a free pack or two at any time. These packs could help give you the talent you need to compete.

As long as you keep up to date on temporary locker code goodies, you can stack your team for the cost of nothing at all.

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