Madden NFL 21: "Rise to Fame" mode release date and latest information

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Like the previous version of the Juggernaut Sports series, Madden NFL 21 provided a lot of information to analyze new features before its release on August 28.

One of them is The Yard, which is a model that EA Sports has not provided a lot of details, and it has not resonated much on the NFL street. Other important items include the new "Skill Stick", which can help players launch more offenses or serve as passers, Madden 21 Coins can make the game easier for players, and the script is updated weekly to reflect real life- Just like the player's rating.

This year's game will once again deviate from the fictional characters and high output value of the recent career model, and put the player in the leading and center position. Players start the NFL journey from high school, compete for a job, and choose some storylines that may affect the storyline of the entire career development process. Then it's going to college, and it's finally combined with participating in the NFL itself.

This is a simplified version of a lengthy introduction to one of the biggest discussion points of the game. More importantly, EA Sports has incorporated a difficult list of storylines into the game to keep every game process fresh.

A storyline called Franchise Savior sounds like this year's Joe Burrow. An EA Sports post explained that other people, such as "Bitter Enemy", hinted at interesting off-field integration of the storyline to make things interesting.

Today, in the age of social media, competition is likely to become more controversial and open than ever. Players of a departmental competitor are caught in a war of words on social media. This is just the beginning of the competition. "

Overall, this sounds like a greatly expanded idea of ??Madden 20, and players have other options such as madden 21 coins. And this mode obviously emphasizes the players' agents from the beginning of the jump, because they can freely choose the logo and color.