I don't believe players hop off island

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" It's Mod Deagle (Associate Art Director, Old School RuneScape) here with an update on what the art team's been working for the past couple of RuneScape gold weeks during these very extraordinary times. Old School has a very distinctive visual style that's endured its share of twists and turns over the previous seven years. Since the art director, I wish to concentrate on bringing these elements together. There a few of things we want to address before diving deeper We're looking at ways to modernise the graphical characteristics of Runescape."

I don't believe players hop off island and start afk skilling while watching Netflix or whatever. They are going to be more engaged with. You mean the same thing that happens in OSRS, which has worse graphics but generates multiple occasions more players? A fresh coat of paint does nothing hell it is even a drawback at this stage since it would take up 1 of our upgrades on a cosmetic update that adds nothing to Runescape. If you want to see an uptick in playercount you need to fix the issues.

There is A character version rework a job the update, probably by a long shot. They ca make hardly any content. This type of project, while attainable, is just beyond any ability to keep any game upgrades that are additional alongside such a huge project. It's not laziness or inability, it ruin for the sake of earning models kept at the greatest distance better. Plus it'd be ruin, they went too not upgrading Runescape or communication about not updating Runescape. We already know that RS gets pennies to the dollar reinvested back to RS. Until their overlords allow them enough money and time to genuinely develop their team, these kind of jobs are never likely to take place.

The lack of great Servers Is why this sport Can't be"as active as OSRS"

It almost feels like Runescape is not supposed to hold more than 1,000 players before stuttering and eventually effing expiring at 1,500. Now, imagine if ALL WORLDS HAD Players each? This is a very controversial, incredibly unpopular and potentially stupid/moronic/idiotic thought to have, but perhaps, Runescape is in a good place and with as much players as we have (as opposed to OSRS) is really a fantastic thing for our game. RS3 isn't supposed to be busy, and that thought is probably the reason we do not get better servers, because we are in a fantastic place (the players the better).

I don't think the challenge is the number of players in the world, it's the number of players on earth in the same world chunk. We used to have this specific same problem with the GE way back daily. When there's more individuals irrespective of where you're, you can tell. World 99 ago had a portables group move into it. It would have around 100-300 people and after it would have 600+. There was a noticable delay even just moving anyplace on the world. By what I have seen, the server lag is made by plenty of players in 1 world chunk. Example would do anything on world 77 feels laggy even in the midst of nowhere if your. Same with high pop dxpw worlds.

Yeah if you think lighting a fire in an empty region gets the host tell just you concerning the flame. Lighting the fire that is same in a place with 1000 individuals has to send that passion at precisely the same moment to all 1000. I don't know how much money they do to non visible players but it's possible that every single participant in a stack of Cheap RS gold gamers has data about their location/actions always being delivered to every other participant in the region even if it is not visible on your client.