The arrival of the POE Heist League satisfies the players' desire for excitement

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Path of Exile has developed into a game with multiple roles. The core of the game is always inseparable from the fact that players have always allowed players to defeat monsters or team up to complete challenging tasks to get some POE Currency and other valuable items. GGG has always wanted to open up other ways to play and disclosed the specific information of the new league to players yesterday.

The game team named the new league to release on September 18 as Heist. The main gameplay of this new league is to let players team up to complete the robbery mission. The Robbery Alliance will take players to a new place called Port of Thieves, where they will encounter 13 new NPCs or Thieves. Players need to do everything possible to sneak into the protected buildings to steal rare items and sell them to enjoy a wonderful happy time.

They also need to remember to pick up the marker, which can found anywhere in the league before exploring Rogue Harbour. The mark is also the currency of Rogue, which is used to recruit the next job. There are 13 different Rogues with different professions, so players need to check the contract and determine who is best for the future. In addition, they also need to identify the thieves who will steal items for themselves because there can only be one thief. Some of these thieves will provide transportation or intelligence, while they will use others for work such as unlocking or disarming traps.

The entire theft process also requires the division of labor and cooperation between the roles, otherwise the players cannot complete it smoothly. Second, before completing the theft, players need to Buy POE Orbs to enhance their character’s attributes so as not to cannot escape quickly after the theft fails. Stay tuned for the new league!