God and Country

A lot of interesting stories designed to lift your spirit and hopefully give you something you can use. Understanding of a wide topic of things made simple and fun. Sound good? I hope to add some paintings, photos, and music. Stop by and check us out. This April 3,2019 is day one, so go ah


  Jimi once said, Manic depression is a frustrating mess and that is spot on. But Jimi's test in this life is over. But many of us are busy buying a stairway to heaven, while driving to work each day on the highway to hell. Look whats happening in the street, they look to start a revolution. Not revolution number nine, but a real civil war. Summertime, and the living is easy, but still some days, even summer can seem like a ball and chain. Strange days have found us, and we all cry a river, while drowning in a river of tears. Dazed and confused, we are no longer men but Devo. Its sure been a long time coming, and it will be a long time gone. Boom boom boom boom and boom shalla lacka, I was just splishin and a splashin in the tub when my Mission bell rang. If we could put time in a bottle, we could drive away in our taxi. Some lucky ones have already left on the magical mystery tour, but us, we're not gonna take it, and we won't be fooled again. The winds of change comes with a hard rain falling, but still we say hallelulia and come on with the rain I have a smile on my face. Kinda blue and green turtles, we all dance to that hi-fi music played on the rock and roll stations. G L O R I A, Gloria, Mellisa and her sister Lucille too, and we smile at the beatuful women. But when the musics over, we turn off the lights and go home like riders on the storm. 

  As some of you sharper ones might have noticed, the story consists mostly from songs and lyrics in songs. See how many you can find in the above piece. So go ahead and play this small play on words, how many did you find. This one, being the first, was to be #Fun, #Challenge, #Interesting.