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Article is about how dangerous it will be to elect 'Creepy Joe' Biden.

So one of the most bizarre, most idiotic and, quite frankly, one of the most patently untrue things yet to be uttered from a creep like ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, would have to be his most recent accusation made against the president, that President Trump understands nothing about “duty, honor, service and country.”  To hear such a thing, coming from a POS like ‘Creepy Joe’ is truly a remarkable thing.  After all, it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who has a fondness for fondling young girls and has a peculiar penchant for skinny dipping in front of female Secret Service agents.  So I’m a little perplexed as to what makes ‘Creepy Joe’ think that he’s an expert on duty, honor OR service.

It was during another appearance at ‘fake news’ HQ, aka CNN, on something called ‘The Lead’ hosted by fake newser Jake Tapper, that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden, the ‘Chester the Molester’ of presidential nominees, very boldly declared that President Trump “doesn’t understand duty, honor, service, country.”  It seems that ‘Creepy Joe’ was referring to a discredited article that recently appeared in ‘The Atlantic,’ a publication owned by a big donor of Democrat ‘causes,’ that claimed President Trump had once referred to Americans who died in war as being “losers” and “suckers.”  As I said, that article has now been thoroughly discredited by numerous ‘actual’ sources.

‘Anchor’ Jake ‘The Fake’Tapper said, “One other revelation from the book, Trump appears to have revealed a new classified U.S. weapons system, the existence of it to Woodward. He said, quote, ‘I have built a nuclear weapons system that nobody has ever had in this country before,’ unquote. Woodward sources confirmed the existence of this classified weapons system. What’s your response to that?”  ‘Creepy Joe’ said, “I can’t speak to the system, but it’s not a surprise. You wonder why people in the intelligence committee wondered from the very beginning if they could share data with him because they don’t trust him. They don’t trust what he will say or do.”

‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “He has no conception —I know I sound — he has no conception of what constitutes national security — no conception other than what can he do to promote himself. This is the guy who said maybe the way to deal with hurricanes is to drop a nuclear bomb on them. He said it.”  And old ‘Creepy Joe’ went on to say, “Or the problem with the Revolutionary War was they didn’t have enough airports. I just— it’s beyond my comprehension. But what really bothers me, what really bothers me, you wrote a book about frontline. You wrote a book about Afghanistan. I was in one of those FOBS, forward operating bases.”

‘Creepy Joe’ added, “These guys risk their lives in a way you can’t imagine to keep things bad from happening, and he calls them losers? He calls them suckers? My son volunteered to go as the assistant U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia to go into Kosovo. He was there six months. They erected a monument to him, thanking him for his service. I think the only American they did that for. Was he a sucker? Then he volunteered as attorney general of the State of Delaware to go with his unit to Iraq for a year, and he was a sucker?  Won the Bronze Star.  All the people with him, the people who died, they are suckers? I can’t fathom— I just — you know, they are heroes.”

He continued, “They really are heroes, duty, honor, country. He talks about can you repeat four words in a row or whatever his little IQ test or dementia test he took. He doesn’t understand duty, honor, service, country. He doesn’t get it. Or if he gets it, he doesn’t care about it. He should not be— unrelated to my running. He should not be the commander-in-chief of the United States Military. No commander in chief has ever, ever acted like this man. ”  I seem to recall that the reason we lost members of ‘Seal Team 6’ was because ‘Creepy Joe’ opened his big fat mouth?  If there’s anyone who knows nothing about duty, honor, service or country, it’s this puke, ‘Creepy Joe.’

‘Creepy Joe’ talking about “duty, honor, service, country", what a joke.  And a sick joke at that!  If Tapper was any kind of a real ‘journalist’ he would have said, “What the Hell are you talking about?”  Because what we have, in ‘Creepy Joe,’ is a guy who has been feeding at the taxpayer trough for 47 years and who’s made millions of dollars doing it.  President Trump is a real Billionaire and gave it up to save the country because he loves America and all that it represents!  He is America First, Last, and Always!  ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats are the party of self-enrichment, and selling out to the highest bidder.  And for ‘Creepy Joe’ that’s Communist China.

President Trump believes in keeping his promises, he believes in the Constitution and favors the protecting of all innocent life.  His actions speak volumes.  He’s not afraid to say, God Bless America.  Meanwhile, it’s ‘Creepy Joe,’ despite being a Catholic, who believes it’s perfectly acceptable to butcher the innocent unborn, right up the point of birth.  Murder is the most heinous of sins, particularly deliberate murder, but he goes beyond that as he has no problem, whatsoever, with Planned Parenthood selling baby parts.  And he supports these rioters who are destroying businesses, beating up people and killing political opponents.  How can he speak of honor or duty?

And while ‘Creepy Joe’ speaks of duty and honor, how many women is it that this sick freak has molested, a trait that very obviously seems to run in his family.  After all it’s in ‘Creepy Joe’ that we have the father of a son who was removed from the U.S. Navy because of a pretty serious drug problem, who was an Officer no less, and who was banging his dead brother’s widow while still having the time to be fathering children with stripper's, denying fatherhood, not paying child support, lying about his finances to the court, cutting deals with foreign countries and acting overall like Trash.  And yet old ‘Creepy Joe’ is so very proud of him.  That speaks volumes.

It forms a pretty stark comparison between these two candidates, when we have President Trump who donates his salary to charity, while ‘Creepy Joe,’ who became a multi-millionaire courtesy of the U.S. taxpayers, gives practically nothing to charity.  And yet President Trump is the person who doesn’t understand duty, honor, service, country?  ‘Creepy Joe’ speaks of service to country all the while selling influence to the Communist Chinese and receiving money from Ukraine via his son.  He doesn't understand what honor means.  President Trump is proud of his accomplishments, and rightly so, meanwhile ‘Creepy Joe’ got rich off his various positions in government.

And where, exactly, was ‘Creepy Joe’ when his boss, ‘BO’ was sitting idly by while our Ambassador and three other Americans were being butchered and dragged through the streets of Benghazi?  Was he pleading for something to be done?  Nope, he was probably off somewhere taking a nap or molesting some unsuspecting 10 year old. Didn’t he have a duty to try to save those lives?  And according to Hitlery, ‘Creepy Joe’ wasn’t even in favor of pulling the trigger on Bin Laden.  Perhaps that was why, just a short time later, he let slip the names of those who took part in sending this Moslem scumbag off to meet up with his 72 virgins.  Don’t doubt it for a second!

Someone really should tell ‘Creepy Joe’ that one is generally known by the company one keeps. While President Trump had dozens of patriotic Americans as well as numerous American flags at his convention, what was it that ‘Creepy Joe’ had at his?  Nothing but a bunch of sniveling miscreants and malcontents telling anyone stupid enough to have tuned in to watch that America is, without a doubt, the worst country on the entire planet.  And I can’t help but wonder what sort of person, after watching such a horrendous display, for FOUR nights, could still actually bring themselves to vote for these people.  What I was able to watch was absolutely nauseating.

‘Creepy Joe’s continuing to so blatantly lie about what President Trump didn’t say is just so pathetic. And yet he still has the gall to say that is the president who has no understanding of duty, honor, service and country.  He had no duty to run for president.  His only job is to serve his country as best he can and there is plenty of evidence that says has done just that.  Before the ‘Chinese virus’ hit we had the lowest unemployment rates over 50 years and the best for minorities in, forever.  He understands that service is not when one’s son, or brother, can serve themselves at the taxpayer funded trough.  That is now a true patriot chooses to behave.

‘Creepy Joe,’ the entire Democrat Party, Congress’s cadre of RINOs and the military-industrial complex ALL want to keep sending our young men and women into third-world hellholes to die so that the Generals can then get more stars on their shoulders, the weapon manufacturers can get more wealthy, and the Democrats can also gain wealth kowtowing to the Communist Chinese. That is the primary reason why they ALL hate President Trump for bringing home the troops and getting us out of idiotic and pointless tribal wars where there is NO benefit to America.  President Trump is the only one with enough courage and determination to stand up to this treachery.

‘Creepy Joe’ is completely devoid of anything resembling a sense of duty, honor, service or love of country.  He could care less about our Veterans, about the Middle Class, about the Constitution, or even about our system of free-market capitalism.  To him our Second Amendment must be done away with and the Freedoms and Liberties that many of our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for, and that makes this the greatest nation on God’s green Earth, means absolutely nothing.  If he does win old ‘Creepy Joe’ will likely fade from sight shortly after his inauguration as ‘The Ho’ will be the one who’s really running things.  Talk about a nightmare scenario!