Make sure you Vote NOV 2020

This is not an AD but a blog to speak out for God, Our President, and that every household should return to God. I didn't like Congress to close our churches and leaves the liquor stores open. because they are necessary. That was wrong it should have been just the opposite.

I want the USA to return to God as a country. We told him to leave the schools, leave the government because of our votes, leave Bible values, many home God is not important and that is sad and I pray that enough Christians will return to prayer every day that GOD will return and help save our country! I don't like the socialism that has come to this country and we didn't even get to vote on this. I talk on this subject very night on Facebook and now work here also. Facebook doesn't like what I say but some of my work gets past them. Thank you, Jesus.  President Trump is in my prayers daily for being such as strong great President trying to save our country with God's help, there are several others working hard like the man who was misquoted I believe in CNN his name is Dershowitz I believe he is trying hard to back President Trump and I wish more people would speak up like him. Not everyone can give money like me, I live on SS and there isn't anything left over but I can use my voice for God, the Good of our country, and backing our President. God best the USA