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President Trump is correct, those in the 'fake news' are the enemy.

What can we say about a group of individuals, an entire profession really, who seem to go out of their way to mislead, deceive and outright lie to the American people when it comes to what is the single most important civic duty ANY American citizen will ever take part in.  And add to that, what is it that we can now say about a certain ‘news’ network, that once referred to itself as being the conservative alternative to what the majority of other outlets had become and that, rather ironically, still bills itself as being “Fair and Balanced” when today it is so very clearly neither.

And there are those employed by this particular ‘news’ network, who seem not all that fond of our president, all of whom we’re very familiar with so there’s no need to list them here.  But there is one worthy of an honorable mention, if for no other reason than the fact that he has spent an inordinate amount of time and energy, over the course of the last four years, in what appears to have been some sort of a vendetta against our president.  And now that the president is seeking re-election he has now pulled out all the stops in an effort to prevent that from happening.

And apparently his colleagues, there at ‘Fox News’, have not yet come to recognize the harm that they likely do to their own credibility every time they have as their guest ‘The Pro’, aka none other than ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace.  And while I suppose there was once a time when he may have been considered an unbiased, objective and credible ‘journalist’, I can only assume that that could only have been a very, very long time ago.  Since I have seen no evidence of him being anything other than a pitiful two-bit political hack over the entire course of the last four years.

And it was again, just this past Friday, that we again saw further evidence again on full display when ‘Commie Chris’ made an appearance on Fox News’ “Bill Hemmer Reports” where, in discussing the previous night’s debate, he made the rather bizarre claim that ex-vice president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had delivered a “powerful” message while President Trump lacked the necessary details of a second term agenda.  Now as someone who actually watched the debate, I must say that I was more than a bit confused by ‘Commie Chris’s rather idiotic rebuke of the president.

‘Commie Chris’ said, “You look at the polls people not happy with the way this president has handled the COVID, the coronavirus. Joe Biden laying out a specific set of plans there, not just talking as the president did last night, about waiting for the vaccine. I thought it was smart also to tie it to healthcare and the fact that the president is in the Supreme Court the week after the election going to try to kill the Affordable Care Act. When Biden says if talking about trying to kill the ACA in the middle of a pandemic, that’s a pretty powerful message.”  What a bunch of drivel!

And ‘Commie Chris’ went on to say, “Then just the generally the argument about unity that these are not red states, blue states, it’s the United States. We’re all in it together. It’s a good message for him. I suspect it’s the message you’ll be hearing a lot in these last 11 days of the campaign.”  He went on to add, “The one thing that I thought was lacking last night is that he didn’t talk much about what his agenda would be for a second term. Generally speaking, particularly with the president seeking re-election, voters want to know.”   

And he concluded by saying, “Okay. You’ve done this over the first four years. What are you going to do the next four years? We didn’t hear a lot of that from the president. I know there are a lot of top Republican strategists who think that the president needs to do more of that in the last week of this campaign.”  Me thinks that old ‘Commie Chris’ was again grabbing at straws in what was obviously another of the many attempts, on his part, to try to bolster ‘Creepy Joe’s chances, while at the same time trying to do damage to the president.  This is how this creep operates.    

So ‘Commie Chris’ made the argument the ‘Creepy Joe’ delivered what he called a “powerful” message, yet in the debate that I watched it was ‘Creepy Joe’ who did nothing more than to tell one lie after another.  While President Trump spoke the truth, ‘Creepy Joe’ did little more than regurgitate talking points. I could go on here with what ‘Commie Chris’, the journalist, saw as not being important enough to comment on, but it’s his obvious biases that makes the point better than I ever could in how it is that he is less a journalist than a political consultant for ‘Creepy Joe.’

‘Creepy Joe’ said that he would give amnesty to 25-30 million illegals compared to President Trump working heard at protecting our borders and stopping the millions of illegals from invading our country, a promise that he ran on in 2016 and one he has kept.  ‘Creepy Joe’ claimed to “have a plan” without any details, but after nearly a half a century in Washington it would seem to me that he should have more than a plan, he should have a record of actually doing.  But he doesn’t, what he has a record of is corruption, something that ‘Commie Chris’ also seems to have missed.

But then again, we are talking about ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace here.  He apparently has the uncanny ability to tune out debates including the ones he himself has ‘moderated’.  He insisted, on-air, to his colleagues in a discussion after the debate that ‘Creepy Joe’ actually HAD answered his question about packing the Supreme Court. No he didn’t!  But what ‘Creepy Joe’ did speak of is the phasing out of fossil fuels over 15 years which will lead immediately to higher energy costs and then ultimately to the destruction of American farming and the American economy.

And we’re supposed to believe ‘Creepy Joe’ when he promises to stop poverty by making sure it doesn’t continue.  Or how he’s going to stop ‘climate change’ by halting it and responding to it, forcefully.  ‘Creepy Joe’ has a plan for Black America.  It’s really great, or so we’re told. You’d definitely think so if you saw it.  He’s not going to show you it but if he were to, you’d be really impressed.  And ‘Creepy Joe’ knows the best way to work with Communist China, is to give them what they demand, without any pushback. That will make the takeover that much less painful.

And it’s ‘Commie Chris’ who apparently thinks that a senile, extremely corrupt, career do nothing politician is a much better choice than is a dynamic President that actually gets things done.  I’m tired of Democrats who continue to falsely accuse this President of anything that they think might derail his re-election bid no matter how hairbrained or ‘Twilight Zone-ish’ their claims may sound to normal working class Americans.  And I’m just as tired of the many media hacks, like ‘Commie Chris’, who continue to treat these accusations as if they are actually credible, when they’re not. 

‘Commie Chris’ Wallace is one of the biggest frauds in all of our ‘mainstream’ news industry.  He is an arrogant, egotistical ass who thinks of himself as being able to convince us that, for the good of the country, we must vote for ‘Creepy Joe’.  Which is not his job as a ‘journalist’.  He represents the new direction in which ‘Fox News’ seems now to have embarked, one less conservative and more liberal.  It’s my hope that ‘Fox News’ will come to find out that when you get WOKE, you go BROKE.  They have abandoned conservatives in favor of becoming a clone of both CNN and MSDNC!