Waste oil filtering moisture requires vacuum oil filter

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Waste oil filtering moisture requires vacuum oil filter

All kinds of waste oil (waste lubricating oil, waste hydraulic oil, waste transformer oil) generally need to filter water. At present, there are three kinds of oil filters that can filter water: vacuum oil filter, coalescence oil filter, centrifugal oil filter . The vacuum oil purifier uses the difference in flash points of oil, water and hydrocarbons under vacuum, so as to separate the three by controlling the temperature; the coalescing oil purifier uses a water separation filter element made of hydrophobic materials and hydrophobic materials. Complete oil-water separation with coalescing filter element; centrifugal oil filter is simpler, that is, the principle of dehydration of washing machine is the same, that is, a centrifuge rotates there, generating centrifugal force to complete oil-water separation, but centrifugal oil filter The filtration precision and dehydration capacity of the centrifugal oil filter are the lowest, and it is generally only used in the food industry and industrial oil fields. The capacity of the centrifugal oil filter is too weak. If a large centrifuge is used, the cost and energy consumption are too high.

After the above analysis, we know that there are basically only two options for industrial oil, especially industrial waste oil to filter water: vacuum oil filter and coalescing oil filter. Only these two oil filter technologies can filter water from waste oil. The cost of coalescing vacuum oil purifiers is high and belongs to the middle and high-end equipment. For general customers, the price of coalescing vacuums may be a little high. Therefore, under specific circumstances, it is best to choose the appropriate equipment.

In reality, choosing a vacuum oil filter to filter water is the solution for many customers, because compared with coalescing oil filters, vacuum oil filters are relatively cheaper, and the hydrophobic and hydrophobic materials used in coalescing are more expensive, resulting in cost higher. Vacuum oil purifier is the most effective whole-machine filtration system for filtering trace water. It is the best among oil purifiers, but it has high energy consumption (because of heating), and slow dehydration efficiency is also criticized by people.

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