Kindergarten Simulation Lawn Advantages

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Kindergartens to protect the safety of children, whether it is the kindergarten set up the track, or kindergarten other links, choose the simulation of the lawn of the kindergarten more and more. The reason why so many kindergartens choose simulated lawn, looking at the many advantages of kindergarten simulated lawn, can provide a high quality environment for babies, and antibacterial and environmental performance, can reduce the baby from bacterial infection.


The Advantages Of Simulated Lawn

Kindergarten simulation lawn has a certain thickness and density, the grass filaments are soft and not easy to fall off, which can provide cushion protection when kindergarten babies play. It can also be installed on a variety of basic surfaces, as long as the kindergarten site is cleaned up, you can install the simulation of lawn, is a simple and economic type of lawn. There is also the aesthetics in terms of appearance, maintenance is also easy, only need to rinse with water to achieve the effect of descaling. In this regard, the material, to ensure green environmental protection, finished life can reach more than 8 years, and has absorbed noise, flame retardant, safe and non-toxic, very suitable for kindergartens and elementary school, including secondary schools and other campuses to use.


Simulation lawn for kindergarten use is very simple when it comes to construction, and in general kindergartens can construct it by themselves. But the current market simulation lawn is relatively more, the price also has a certain difference, if you choose the simulation grass specifications for kindergarten, must not randomly choose, it is recommended that you can choose the simulation lawn that kindergarten can use through these aspects.


Choose High Quality Non-Irritating Taste Simulation Lawn

Kindergarten in the choice of simulation lawn, must consider the choice of high-quality simulation lawn, to do no stimulating taste, simulation lawn color to bright and bright, uprightness is better, to reflect the soft and comfortable, insulation insulation effect is good, water permeability is better, generally choose 2-3 centimeters high simulation lawn, because too high lawn after laying, elasticity will be affected to some extent, will also affect the aesthetics.



Choose The Cost Effective And Practical Cost Effective Simulation Lawn

Simulation lawn price will be based on the overall market price of lawn, as well as lawn quality pricing, kindergarten use of simulation lawn will be based on kindergarten size to pricing, generally in 30-100 yuan per square a square, kindergarten can choose according to their own situation suitable for kindergarten simulation lawn, as long as it can be practical, in order to protect the safety, to protect the beauty, you can rest assured to buy.


Do Not Buy Poor Quality Simulation Lawn

There are many kindergartens in order to save money, will buy some poor quality simulation lawn, to know where the low price of the simulation lawn, the same in terms of quality can not be guaranteed, so there will be backing is not environmentally friendly, grass wire easy to fall, will contain heavy metals. Especially like the hot weather, light is relatively strong, poor quality simulation lawn is easy to emit harmful gases, directly will damage the health of the baby. So this kind of inferior quality simulation lawn, must pay attention to.


There are many advantages of kindergarten simulation lawn, and because of the many advantages, it attracts many kindergartens to choose simulation lawn. But in choosing to buy simulation lawn, because there is more than one manufacturer like this, some are higher in quality and can guarantee environmental protection and green, and the price is more affordable. But some can not guarantee the quality, after installation is easy to kindergarten children's body constitutes harm, and then choose to buy, through more comparison, choose a good reputation manufacturers to buy kindergarten simulation lawn.