Perfect sources for primary and secondary data for your research paper - 2022 Guide

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Perfect sources for primary and secondary data for your research paper - 2022 Guide

When we talk about research, there are two categories of data:  primary data and secondary data. The Primary data contain first-hand information. For instance, the author himself is involved in collecting, processing, and analyzing the data. Whereas in the secondary data the author does not participate in the event. The author makes use of the primary data already collected by some other author and employs it to perform new research. The secondary data may have been collected by the author for a certain project or for general use and then made accessible to be utilized by the other authors. These types of data are extremely important in statistics and research. Moreover, you can learn more about these types of data from an expert paper or essay writer.


While carrying out research and then documenting it you would require using credible sources to cite the sources. It ensures that the information you have stated is actually true. Nevertheless, there is a vast amount of information present on the internet, and it is sometimes very difficult to realize the difference between credible and unreliable sources. However, there are some tips and tricks that can be used to make sure that the site you are using is a credible source.


When I used to write my essay or paper, I found it very difficult to search for sources that are reliable. First of all, you need to figure out how to search for credible sources. The simplest and most effective method is, to begin with, the basics. Simply look through some of the most popular search engines. Try to enter your keywords on those search engines and see what you can find.


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Try to avoid using Wikipedia while writing the research paper. Although there is a lot of information available on Wikipedia; however, the information present is not considered as authentic. The information available lacks accuracy. It is not considered a credible source for research. It is due to the reason that Wikipedia allows its user or the general public to make changes to the available information.


Scholarly databases are considered one of the reliable sources when it comes to searching for and writing a research paper . It contains information that is considered authentic by this essay writer. These sources are well known to provide valuable information regarding academic research writing.


Digital libraries are one important source of authentic information. It is considered as the specialized form of the library which includes a large collection of digital objects.  Such types of digital assets could either be in the form of text, audio, visual material, or video all of which are in electronic media form. Such libraries can be accessed through university or college portals by providing specific credentials that the university issues to the student. All the sources available in the digital library are considered reliable sources of information. These sources are very helpful for the students doing their final year research or any projects.


The second step is to know about the different types of credible sources available on the internet. There are various credible data sources that are easily accessible to individuals doing their research. One of the authentic source is an essay writing service and some other credible sources are


Research journal


While carrying out research the most important part is data collection. Journals are considered as one of the most important sources where you can find the required information related to your research. They are consistently updated with the new publications timely providing you with up-to-date information. Moreover, It is easy to find the credibility of the sources as it also includes some crucial information about particular research like if the article has been peer-reviewed and how many times that particular research paper is cited. Some of the research journals are Nature, Brain, and behavioral sciences, Science of the total environment.


Published sources


Another important and authentic source is the published articles or sources. There is a large number of published sources that are readily available regarding various research topics. The credibility of the information provided in these sources relies on the publishing company and the essay writer online. Published sources available can be free of cost or it may charge some fee to get access to the published information. 




Most of the website does not contain information that is credible or checked previously. Due to that reason, it is very important to ensure that the website you are using contains credible information related to our research and it is the right website. However educational and government websites are the ones that are most reliable. It provides you with facts and figures that are authentic, and you can use these websites as credible sources for your research. For example, is one of the reliable websites that provides you with authentic information.




Generally, information obtained from a newspaper is quite reliable. newspapers provide a lot of information regarding political, educational, and economic data. Moreover, the information present in the newspaper in terms of political, educational, and economic data is considered as most reliable. However, it is not considered a reliable source for scientific data collection. You can get authentic data just by saying 'write my essay'.




Books are considered as one of the traditional ways to look for reliable information. Books available cover almost all the topics. You can use google scholar to look for any book that is related to your research. Moreover, you can find a soft copy of any book through the digital libraries that are provided by the universities or colleges. They are helpful in finding authentic dates and are considered authentic sources.


If you are still unable to locate a credible source for your research, then the CRAAP test is considered one of the important tools. It considers the articles Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Consider all these factors before utilizing any source to identify if it’s a credible source or not. Moreover, a paper or essay writing service can help you to run this test while locating a credible source


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