Henry being on the cover of Madden nfl 23 is only a whisper

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Unfortunately, Henry being on the cover of Madden 22 coins Madden nfl 23 is only a whisper. When rumors of images of the back made the rounds on the internet, EA Sports remained silent. The truth, in the moment is that even if Henry does not appear to be "the player," then it can be said it is possible that Electronic Arts made a mistake. There are many reasons to believe that one of most efficient rushers is the perfect choice to earn the title.

When deciding the question of whether Derrick Henry is, or should be , the best choice, a very interesting factoid comes up. The last time a running back graced the cover of a Madden NFL game. Considering how important a role the running back position plays in the NFL, that appears to be a significant amount of time. The position of the quarterback has long been the most sought-after position of choice. and it's grown more popular over the past few years. Signal-callers have appeared on the cover three times over the last four years. Lamar Jackson was on Madden nfl 22 and Patrick Mahomes directly preceded him. Antonio Brown was named the Cover athlete for Madden NFL 19 and Tom Brady came the year before him.

The most recent time that a running back appeared buy Madden nfl 22 coins in the magazine's cover in 1999, when Barry Sanders and Adrian Peterson were both Madden NFL 25 cover athletes. Incredibly, it was also a year when we witnessed a change of guard on consoles in the previous generation. Sanders was available for his Xbox 360 and PS3 version, while Peterson was on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version. PS4 as well as the Xbox One version. Since EA has been for so long without featuring a running back this year, when the gaming community makes the jump over from Xbox One and PS4 to Xbox Series X/S and PS5 is the best moment to make the jump.