The Ukrainian Army Strikes Back

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The Ukrainian Army Strikes Back

David N.Simms
Yeah, I start off saying no one needs to confuse the pace of the strategic and operational level of war with the violence that still happens at the tactical level. And that's, what were you started off with, right?
It is moving slowly strategically and operationally, but tactically, there are still violent engagements and battles being fought there, but the campaign and the operations - they are moving rather slow. For the most part, Kharkiv being the exception right now. There'll probably be another exception in about a week, cause that seems to be the flow.

So yeah, Kyiv is really a withdrawal under pressure is what we'd call that, doctrinal where Russia was. They were withdrawing and being pushed out as well. Kharkiv, I think, it was a little different. I think, Russia didn't necessarily what to withdraw there, but they were pushed out.
And what I think happened is you had a confluence of events happens. Ukraine was able to reallocate combat power. There is support from the West that came in, and it looks like that's where a lot of that was initially allocated that really helped shape the fight. It looks like upwards of 19 BTG is pushed out of Ukraine and back into Russia.

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