A Balanced Mix of Bird Seed Formula

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It is essential to know what they like eating and how much when caring for birds.

It is essential to know what they like eating and how much when caring for birds. In calories, birds can eat up to ten thousand each day, and this is why they constantly search for food to reach their daily intake. Whether you decide to buy the bird food or you want to make it yourself, it is good to know what are the essential ingredients for supplying your birds with a balanced and nutritious formula. A basic recipe for bird seed contains ingredients you already have in your pantry, and a complete one may require some orders.

Sunflower Seeds – Best Bird Seed

This bird seed  is essential and adored by them. You can add either hulled or with the shell. Their highly nutritious elements provide the birds with protein and fibers. Having more than 25% high-fat content makes them perfect for balancing their caloric intake. Be advised to avoid the roasted and salty ones. Salt is hazardous for such a small animal and, if consumed, can cause serious heart illnesses.

Sunflower seeds are known to help reduce heart diseases and diabetes. Their nutrients contain proteins, carbs, and vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, etc. Abundant in vitamin E and selenium, these antioxidants help protect body cells against chronic diseases. Their main beneficial properties include lowering cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation.

White Millet

White millet is a cereal belonging to the grass family, and it is considered an ancient grain consumed by humans, livestock, and bird food. Rich in carbs, vitamins, and minerals, one cup of white millet has more than 200 calories. Higher in amino acids than other cereals, these nutrients help build more protein than, for example, sunflower seeds. More importantly, it also provides a tremendous amount of calcium, which is vital for the bone structure of your bird. Additionally, parts of its nutrients help control blood sugar levels and lower inflammation.

Corn Seeds

Corn is a cereal member of the whole grain category. Naturally gluten-free, its consumption lowers many health risks such as strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. It makes a perfect bird seed due to its variety of vitamins and potassium. This mineral supports great heart function and prevents muscle contractions and cramps, which are essential in a bird's life. The heart and muscles of a bird require support through a well-balanced diet.

Corn is also ten times richer in vitamin A than the other grains, offering the immune system great support. Vitamin A also helps build more vital membranes in the respiratory system, which helps keep the germs out of the bloodstream.

Crushed Peanuts

Raw and unsalted peanuts surprisingly have the same nutritional values as other nuts like almonds or cashews. Having a very similar dietary compound and being much less expensive than the other nuts, their presence in your bird food must not be overlooked. Given their high consistency in unsaturated fats, they considerably contribute to a bird's high caloric diet while having many benefits to their heart's functionality.

A large study has found that eating peanuts can help lengthen the life span. Their ingredients help lower diabetes risk, prevent cancer and reduce inflammation through their source of fiber.

Mix of Dried Fruits

Dried fruit in bird food will provide the necessary vitamins to maintain a healthy body. Every doctor in the world recommends consuming a variety of fruits to help your organism with essential vitamins throughout  daily activities . Dried fruit has more nutrients activated in the drying process than fresh ones, and this process condenses many minerals and vitamins, such as potassium and magnesium. Here is a list of health benefits the consumption of dried food has:

  • Preventing and controlling diabetes
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving the digestive system functionality
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Controlling weight loss
  • Preventing bone illnesses
  • Contributes to a healthy heart
  • Keeps skin and feathers healthy
  • It prevents hypertension and anemia
  • Reducing risks of brain damage and dementia
  • Increase energy levels – bird food is essential to be balanced to offer the necessary energy your bird needs to consume throughout the day.

Simple Recipe For Bird Food

A complete nutritious bird food  formula does not have to be complicated, and you can easily make it yourself. First, it is essential to know what you can and cannot feed your birds according to their species. Essentially, it is best to read up on how much they need to consume daily. Winter diets are different from summer diets, and they require more research before starting to mix your bird food. A typical and used recipe includes sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, and dried fruit. You can mix one cup of everything and only half a cup of dried fruit. Excellent addition to your recipe is safflower and suet. But you should first check if they are proper for your bird species.

Bird Feeders

Instead of throwing bird seed on the ground, consider investing or making a bird feeder. This item helps maintain the bird seed fresh and safe from harsh weather conditions. Besides, birds can feed themselves at any time from it, even when you are not at home to provide for them. A bird feeder also helps create a clean and safe place for them to relax while eating but also for you to enjoy watching them. Imagine how it would feel sitting on your porch, enjoying some coffee, and watching the joyful birds enjoying the nutritious meal you have prepared for them.

These items may come in different sizes, depending on the birds you plan to feed. You can hang them somewhere safe, like on the branch of a tree, or place them on the ground if the birds cannot fly. If you have a caged bird, you can properly install it inside the cage to avoid any mess in your home. Feathered friends are essential whether they are raised as a pet or in the wilderness. Carefully providing for their needs after doing research makes you a good owner.