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How to share an Instagram story to Facebook
It is possible on Instagram, when sharing a picture, to have it automatically shared to Facebook, and this every time a story is posted.

To activate this possibility, go to the options and find the linked accounts menu in settings.

From there, make sure there is a Facebook account active and that it shares to the correct Facebook page. This is especially important for a professional Instagram account, as the stories have to be shared on the Facebook page and not on a private Facebook.


Then, in options, go to Story settings.


Here, at the bottom, is an option on how to Share Instagram Story to Facebook, which is not activated by default – and has to be reactivated every time the account is switched on the application.


Activating the "share your story to Facebook" button will automatically make the sharing from Instagram!



 Post a story on Instagram.


Then, open Facebook, and see, the associated Facebook page should have a news story posted on Facebook.


Clicking on it, and yes, the story was automatically shared to Facebook!


If you can't share your Instagram Story to Facebook or have no option to share your Instagram Story to Facebook, see below how to link Instagram stories to Facebook, and solve the issues when experiencing share your story to Facebook missing.

For Instagram stories to Facebook not working, make sure your Facebook connection in settings is correctly set up.

If you share your story to Facebook not showing up, also check Facebook's proper connection by creating a new post.

To Share Instagram Story to the Facebook page, set up facebook-connection in Instagram settings.

If you cannot Share your Instagram Story on facebook, it is most likely due to a connection issue. Also, make sure all Instagram updates have been installed.

Instagram stories can only be shared after the Instagram sign-in, and the Facebook account has been properly done in the Instagram app.

When you upload an Instagram story from the gallery, the Instagram and Facebook integration must be done to automatically share the Facebook.

Pictures from Facebook to Instagram in the story cannot be done, same as uploading photos from Facebook to Instagram is not possible, only the other way around.

That's how to upload a video to Instagram story after the connect Facebook to Instagram is done.

Best brands on Instagram use Instagram stories for business and connect Facebook page to Instagram by using Instagram stories, as the story views on Instagram are important for using Instagram for marketing, to promote brands on Instagram, by having an Instagram strategy for business and a good Instagram branding strategy, by upload pictures to the Instagram story and having a proper Facebook Instagram integration as explained above.



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