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Civil engineering is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering. It deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment.

Civil engineering is one of the oldest and broadest branches of engineering. It deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. It encompasses much of what we see in modern civilization today. From buildings to roads, subway systems to the airport, everything comes under the field of a civil engineer.

A civil engineer has a wide range of career options. They can become site engineers, water engineers, estimators, structural engineers, design engineers, technical engineers, patent attorneys, quantity surveyors, and so much more!

Civil engineering is an umbrella term that encompasses a whole of subjects under it. Subjects like engineering mathematics, engineering physics, basics of electronic engineering, physical education, geotechnical engineering, concrete technology, fluid mechanics, etc. A student of physical engineering has to do a lot of projects and surveys.  Attending classes, presenting seminars, submitting assignments, a civil engineering student has to go through a lot.  A student has to suffer a lot more if he/she is doing a part-time job.

Today's generation believes in earning by themselves, rather than depending on their parents. They want to fulfill their dreams and make their parents proud of their hard-earned money. This is the reason why most of the students opt for part-time jobs.  But after starting their job, they find it difficult to manage their studies.

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