Path of Exile Delayed 3.13 Extension Delayed Release

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Path of Exile will not try to compete with the freight train named "Cyberpunk 2077", so its upcoming 3.13 expansion plan has been postponed for a month. During this period players can POE Currency Buy to explore more possibilities in the game.

If we notice the game trend throughout 2020, it is that the release date of Cyberpunk usually follows the development of the game. This trend seems to be correct, because the Grinding Gear Games team essentially admits that it cannot Compete with this overlord. On Wednesday, the team announced that the next expansion of Path of Exile will be postponed by one month.

Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson posted the following on the Path of Exile website: We previously set the goal to be released on December 11 for the 3.13 game expansion. We can achieve this goal through high-quality expansion. CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on December 10. We don't want players to have to choose between these two games, so we decided to postpone the release of "Road of Exile" 3.13 to January.

In order for you to play an interesting Path of Exile during the holidays, we plan to hold a multi-week event. Once a detailed plan is developed, we will release information on these events. Although this delay will not affect our development schedule, it may cause our release schedule to change in 2021. We will post details on this as soon as we have more information about these dates and when they will be announced.

Wilson previously pointed out during Harvest's expansion that COVID-19 has slightly affected the development of the Path of Exile, but with New Zealand responding to the pandemic in this effective way, development is fully back on track. If players buy POE Currency Xbox, they will get even more powerful.