OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Thieving Guide

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The images above show OSRS gold above are Monkey Madness I tunnels where you'll need to take a chin if you have already a 1 Defence account, or did not reach the level of Monkey Madness II where you are able to access the tunnels. This is where you'll need to choose your GP amount that you are willing to pay to train your Ranged. If you're able to do so, I would suggest chinning up to 99 without hesitation, as there are tremendous benefits. However, if you would need to liquidate your entire savings in order to reach the 99 mark, I'd suggest against it. It is the fastest Ranged XP in the game and , as such, it's extremely expensive. Using chinchompas in the Monkey Madness II tunnels is superior in terms of GP/XP over Monkey Madness I, due to the more capacity and number of monsters that you can to eliminate and the prayer potion that drops. At the present time, it's preferential to use red chinchompas than black. the chinchompas are to be thrown in the short-fuse attack style.

Because of how much you'll have to spend on having 99 Ranged by this technique (100.000.000 GP+), it's worth investing the time into getting Elite Void for maximum damage output. Make sure you are using the best Ava device you are able to, full Elite Void and a necklace of anxiety, a prayer of any kind, blessed dragonhide boots or pegasian boots with the imbued archers' ring. Be aware that if you die in possession of chinchompas then you will not keep them upon death, therefore it's worth being aware when your prayer points are low.

Level 75-99: Blowpiping in Nightmare Zone

If you don't possess 100M of money available to invest in training one of the cheapest (profitable long-term) method of training your Ranged is to use the harmful blowpipe found in Nightmare Zone. Because of the extra points you earn by doing this, you will profit around 15.000.000 in GP each time you buy herb boxes every day for 240~ days. Make sure you use the highest quality equipment you can get, Elite Void being the most effective for XP as well with adamant darts that are fast. With this setup you can expect XP rates up to 120.000 XP per hour.

OldSchool Runescape (OSRS) LVL 1-99 Thieving Guide

Thieving is a pretty straightforward and fundamental technique in terms training. Depending on the method you select, you'll be spending a lot of time training at the same location. This can be boring for some players, but buy RS gold others enjoy the simplicity and ease of methods like pickingpocketing Ardougne Knights in higher ranks. Depends on how you react to these actions, you'll either be awed or resentful of training in to thieve.