Luxury Cars: 7 Models to Rent For Your American Road Trip

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Among the many rental cars available on the market, it can be difficult to find truly luxurious options. Fortunately, we did it for you – here’re 7 new models.

We love to travel and want to do it in comfort, so more and more travelers choose car rental trips as a way to spend their vacation or weekend. Indeed, it would be great to pick up luxury car rental in Baton Rouge or somewhere else and take a tour along the American highways. A luxury vehicle will allow you to fully enjoy the trip and the USA is the best place for that.

Among the many rental cars available on the market, it can be difficult to find truly luxurious options. Fortunately, we did it for you – here’re 7 new models that will give you a great experience and comfort:

Mercedes E-Class

Many people really associate the E-class with prestige, high cost and the importance of those who are inside. It makes no sense to talk and talk about this car - everyone already knows what the E-class is and what it’s capable of.

The car offers the best finishing materials, advanced technologies, modern engines, and a huge list of electronics. All these features can be enjoyed in the Mercedes.

Choosing this rental car for your road trip will give you unforgettable moments of comfort, while your passengers can enjoy a smooth ride along with the latest MBUX infotainment system.


BMW 5-Series G30

In addition to the stylish look, the 5-Series business sedan from BMW has received its dose of modern technology. The car has austere features, and its headlights, grilles, and bumper speak of its luxury.

When you rent a car from BMW, expect a high level of comfort and excellent dynamics – this is what you exactly need while driving along the winding American roads!

The main innovation of the latest model is the 48-volt starter generator, which adds 11 hps when accelerating the car. However, BMW supplies such a device not only to the G30, but also to other cars of the 5-Series line with V4 and V6 engines.


Audi S6

The four-wheel drive premium sedan is intended primarily for travelers who want to get a truly luxury vehicle with a sporty character, but are not ready to pay too much for a rental car. Solid appearance, luxurious interior and high-performance engine are what characterize the Audi S6.

The car has an aggressive body kit, enlarged wheel arches, silver mirror housings and a dark diffuser with four round tailpipes. The interior of the Audi S6 trimmed in leather is complemented by sports front seats with integrated head restraints and S-logos.


Cadillac CT5

Cadillac creators say the CT5 has been designed to gain the right balance between comfort and performance. Indeed, the expressive appearance, roomy and luxurious interior, modern and rich equipment make it possible to count on an excellent road trip along the US highways.

The premium business-class sedan, available with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, is designed primarily for those who like to enjoy driving. Interestingly, the Cadillac CT5 rental car is a direct price competitor to the Mercedes-Benz E-class and BMW 5-Series.


Genesis G80

According to the South-Korean automaker, this car harmoniously combines elegance, luxury and sportiness. The premium sedan, belonging to the E-Class, is primarily addressed to car rental travelers who value comfort and safety, but are not prone to pursuit of fashion and unnecessary waste.

The four-door model is attractive both outside and inside. The car received modern turbo-charged engines, and also acquired a large number of advanced options.


Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon is a full-size representative of the Gran Turismo segment, dressed in the body of a five-door fastback.

Arteon combines bold design, great functionality and modern technology. The front of the fastback is distinguished by a formidable look of the radiator grille, a figured hood that extends onto the sidewalls, and also stylish LED headlights, each of which is divided in two separate devices.

As a representative of the E-category, the model is characterized by the corresponding dimensions: 4.9 meters long, 1.9 meters wide and 1.4 meters high. The engine power of the model ranges from 150 to 280 hps.


Toyota Camry

The Camry has everything you would expect from a luxury rental car. The exterior of the business sedan features a sporty aerodynamic body kit and 18-inch wheels. The headlights and taillights accentuate the stylish body of the car, while the exterior chrome elements give the car a complete design.

What really looks really luxurious is the leather interior with red accents. Plus, the seats with perforated upholstery fit well into the modern salon.

In terms of technology, the latest Camry model has a proprietary Intelligent Clearance Sonar parking assistant that monitors the distance to nearby objects and, if necessary, prevents collisions.