The success of the gaming world

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Do you like the gaming world? Are you a fan or a professional esports player?

If you have liked video games since you were a child and everything that has to do with the screen, special effects, controls and other accessories catches your attention; if you admire how real life scenes, cars and characters are brought to the small screen; and if you enjoy being able to drive that car you dream of or go through movie spaces, this world is yours.


With this infographic of the gamer world you can delve a little deeper into it and learn the ins and outs of the video games that arouse the most passions. Many of them are mythical, we have grown up with them and others break into the market with increasing force and hook us until we manage to overcome them.


What are the best-selling video games?


Historically, Tetris wins the gold in this battle that has conquered millions of homes . Since it was launched in June 1984, it has reached 170 million sales and is, together with Super Mario Bross (1985, more than 40 million sales), one of the oldest games that continue to be in the top positions among the best sellers. .


More current, but also with a great sales success, we find Minecraft with more than 144 million sales. It is another of the games that shows that in the gamer world there is a hobby capable of facing large entertainment industries such as football, without going any further.


To these are added the GTA V launched in 2013 and with more than 95 million sales; the Wii Sport of 2006 and with almost 83 million sales; and Player Unknown's Battle – Grounds, which despite being the most recent – ​​was launched in December 2017 – has already accumulated 50 million sales.


best selling consoles


Now, there is no game without a good console that supports it. In this case, the mythical one, the one that has broken sales records is the PlayStation 2 that went on sale in 2000 and exceeds 155 million sales.


After her, the Nintendo DS (2004), the Game Boy –color– (1989; 1998), the PlayStation (1994), the Wii (2006) and the Xbox 360 (2005) that have reached 154, 118, 102 and 101 million sales, respectively.


Top online games

Now, what if we take a look at the hits of 2018? What esports games are sweeping gamers?


Many of them have been craved by the public for a long time, blogs and reviews have been written about them before they were even open and they have not disappointed. This list is made up of:


League of Legends

Fortnite: Battle Royale


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Rainbow Six Siege

Grand Theft Auto Online

Rocket League

World of Warcraft


The gaming world



The release of the most anticipated games or consoles comes in a moment, almost an ecstasy, for players who have been waiting for time to pass each screen, to beat the game, discover levels or hidden tricks .


Just to make the mouths water for those who enjoy this data and knowing how the gamer world works in video games , it should be noted that the FIFA18 World Edition has 15 million unique players.