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Under such circumstances, Hua Yun did not separate the Shenji Fen Shen from the body. If the Shenji Fen Shen was separated from the body, the fragile and weak body could hardly resist the attack of the tombstone.

Under such circumstances, Hua Yun did not separate the Shenji Fen Shen from the body. If the Shenji Fen Shen was separated from the body, the fragile and weak body could hardly resist the attack of the tombstone. Real dragon! What shall we do? The Gemini Dragon smashed a tombstone and turned to Hua Yun. Yes! What are we gonna do? If we go on like this, we will be buried under the tombstone. Salako spoke, too, looking breathless. Hua Yun is the captain of the team, but at this time he has no way. There are so many tombstones that it is hard to resist. Tombstone. Tombstone! Hua Yun suddenly remembered something. Right! That thing! This is it. Thinking of this, Hua Yun raised his head and said confidently, "Don't worry!"! I have an idea. "Oh?" Is there really a way? What way? Hearing that Hua Yun had a way, all the dragons raised their hopes again and looked at Hua Yun one after another. They also have no way now, the only hope can only be placed on Hua Yun. Hua Yun hurriedly pulled out the dragon horn from the ring. This divine dragon horn was collected from Bull, and it is said that it is the divine realm of the dragon God. The role of the dragon horn Hua Yun is experienced, in addition to the free access of the dragon clan, other things once covered will not be able to break free. Watching Huayun take out the dragon horn, all the dragons looked at Huayun doubtfully except for the joy of running thunder. Real dragon! What is this thing? "A good thing!" Hua Yun finished, the energy input into the small and medium-sized dragon horn, with the input of energy,eye cream packing tube, the dragon horn suddenly issued a crisp sound, blink of an eye quickly magnified thousands of times. Bang! Dragon corner in front of Huayun, is facing Huayun and others to smash the tombstone in the moment of touching the dragon horn, it turned into powder. Some of the tombstones were covered with dragon horns. Looking at the dragon horn, the dragons were stunned for a while. Come on in! Hua Yun waved to the dragons, and then took the lead in jumping into the dragon horn with the spirit dragon and the running thunder. Li Te waited for the dragon to see Hua Yun enter the dragon horn,plastic cosmetic tubes, looked at each other, and hurriedly followed up. There are also many tombstones in the Dragon Horn, but they are much fewer than those outside. The dragons who entered the tombstone finally cleared the tombstone in the dragon's horn after joining hands. That's great! I can finally rest. Ben Lei sat down on the ground and made a face at the tombstone that was hitting the dragon's horn outside. Yes! Dragon, you saved my life again. Salako said helplessly and gratefully. I just returned a favor, but I owe it again. I don't know when I can return it, but for it. As long as you're not dead. For the rest of his life, the dragon's mood eased a lot. After this life and death, the team's centripetal force is stronger than before. As for the dragon horn that Hua Yun took out. Salako and other dragons are wise not to ask, after all, no matter who has a little secret, they also know, ask out Huayun will not say. I also got this dragon horn not long ago. I don't know if it worked, plastic laminted tube ,custom cosmetic packing, so I ended up. Hua Yun feels it is necessary to explain, after all, it is a team now. If there is a crack because of the Dragon Horn, then there is no need for this team to exist. Real dragon! No need to explain, we understand. Leiter spoke first. The rest of the dragons also nodded, they are not fools, can achieve the strength of the dragon has a very high intelligence. Hua Yun can explain, which shows that Hua Yun is more attentive to this team. Moreover, in that critical situation, even Hua Yun himself was in danger. If Hua Yun had known the use of this dragon horn earlier, he would have taken it out long ago, and he wouldn't have had to hurt all over his body. Seeing that the dragons expressed their understanding, Hua Yun said no more. Although the dragon horn is strong, but it is not omnipotent, the original shaking is still a little small, but as the number of tombstones continues to increase, the shaking of the dragon horn becomes more intense. Salako waited for the dragon to realize that the danger had not passed, and hurriedly recuperated and restored his energy. This can't go on like this, real dragon! We don't have a chapter catalog. Chapter 555 key upgrade expert-read again and stay where you are. If the dragon's horn is broken, we will be given all the tombstones. The spirit dragon looked at Hua Yun worriedly. I know! Wait a minute. I'm trying to control the movement of the dragon's horn. Hua Yun touched the edge of the dragon's horn and tried to control it with his mind. Perhaps because the blood once dripped into the dragon horn, Huayun's spiritual network touched the dragon horn, and the whole dragon horn shook up. Moved? Hua Yun was so happy that he just tried it and did not expect the dragon horn to move. Unexpectedly, the dragon horn actually moved. Continue to strengthen the spirit, the dragon horn from the initial vibration, slowly moved up. Salako and others, who were sitting on the ground breathing, saw the dragon's horn moving, and their faces showed joy, following the dragon's horn forward. Under the movement of the dragon horn, the impact of the tombstones have been bounced to the distance, dense tombstones constantly against the dragon horn, but still can not stop the movement of the dragon horn. Roar! Suddenly there was a low roar ahead. Hua Yun and the dragons looked ahead, only to see the Tyrannosaurus Harangqiu withstanding the attack of several tombstones. But now Harangqiu has no skin on his body, and even most of his bones are exposed. For the tenacity of Harangqiu's vitality, the dragons were somewhat surprised that this guy was still alive tenaciously. Ha-ha! ***ing guy! Smash it. Smash the (ding) bastard. Ben Lei laughed and pointed at the discomfited Harangqiu. Hua Yun looked at Harangqiu and hesitated. Let the dragon's horn move towards Harangchu. The public just net reacts to come over, Hua Yun has already caught Harangqiu into the dragon horn. Puff! Harancho, who was struggling, fell to the ground. It struggled,tube lip gloss, but never got up. When it saw Hua Yun and the dragons. Stunned, he pointed at Hua Yun and the dragons and said, "Aren't you dead?" Of course we're not dead! Harancho. Isn't it time we did the math? That's right! It's time to settle our accounts. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com