Document Requirements For Designing A Fake College Degree

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Document Requirements For Designing A Fake College Degree

Are you looking for a fake college degree? If yes, it is a good idea to enhance the level of your educational qualification, earn prestige in your society, and earn more opportunities for living a better life. So, you made a good decision as it can certainly change your life. 


If you haven’t applied for it yet, you should apply for it by finding trusted fake degrees and certificate makers. However, before you apply for it, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Those are document requirements, the type of degree or certificate you want, and your budget. 


Well, in this short piece of writing, we will discuss only what are the document requirements for designing a fake college degree, diploma, or certificate. Let’s have a look at those mandatory document requirements.   


ID and Address Proofs- ID and Address proofs are mandatory as they are used for collecting your personal information. Here the personal information includes your name, date of birth, age, your parent names, and address details. 


Certificate of Your Last Educational Qualification- To design a fake college degree, the designers will ask you for the certificate of your last educational qualification. You will need to give a copy of that to them. They will use it as a base for designing your fake college degree. 


List of Requirements- The last document requirement is a list requirements. You will have to give them a list of your requirements to design your fake college degree. You will have to mention every single detail on that. 


These are the major document requirements for designing fake college degrees. So, make sure you keep them all ready before applying for your fake college degree.