Benefits of Choosing Solis Compact Tractors

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Solis, one of the known Brands of ITL, is setting new benchmarks with its compact farm tractors extraordinary prowess and utility. Solis is doing wonders and redefining agriculture by using new-age agri-tech to promote futuristic technologies among-st farmers.

Choosing tractor tyres can be a daunting task, but an honest review can make it work for you. So, here are some points and types of tractors that a user should know. Tractor tyres are generally built stronger for rough and tough use that provides durable performances. They are integrated with reinforced shoulder walls and high-density compounds that are wear-resistant. These major factors enable the tyre to maintain a perfect grip on any terrain. It makes the treads last longer, which enables multipurpose use of the vehicle. So, there comes a wide variety of tyres that are being used for multi-purpose. Different types of tyres are being made for different types of operations, such as tractor tyres for haulage, providing more mileage than compared to the tyres used for farm use.

Types of tyres that are available:


Industrial tyres

Industrial tractor tyres are used for tough operations such as construction sites, forklifts, transport vehicles, industrial vehicles, tractors, etc. These tyres have been built from rougher and heavier grades of rubber that make them able to resist premature wear during working on concrete or gravel roads. They are built stronger that enables you to work on any type of land and offer great traction in tough conditions. The tread design also matters because that improves the grip and pace during the tyre’s application.

Turf tyres

Turf tyres are for lawn and garden and are a good choice for compact tractors. They are built in a way so that they can perform proficiently without affecting the surface. The tread is designed to work efficiently on the grass without harming the field. The optimal tread design and lug placement make it certain not to give any damage to the grass during the drive.

Radial tyres

The radial tyres are unique because of their qualities, such as it has a 90-degree angle with the tread line. In these solis tractor, the cord is arranged radially, i.e. the cord’s threads are directed parallel to each other. This tyre comes with both of the options. It can be tubed or tubeless. The steel belts allow the sidewall and the tread to work efficiently. Its synthetic polyamide fabric provides more strength, elasticity, and lightness. These tyres are designed in a way to enable the users to work
independently and comfortably on the fields. They are strong but work smoothly so that the grass doesn’t get tarnished. As mentioned above they come in two types: tubed and tubeless, thus their performance and capabilities also differ according to their nature.


Galaxy pro tyres

Galaxy pro tyres are developed, especially for small tractors used for gardening, vineyards and orchards. In general, garden tractors are the ones best suited for them. They are comparatively small but provide good traction and pace in narrow lanes. The block tread pattern is deeper in galaxy pro tyres with directional blocks that provide a low rate of wear and good floatation as well. They are light and the tread enables great grip in narrow lanes so that the tractor can move swiftly in a short radius.

ITL has marked its history Since 1969, from producing farm equipment to now manufacturing a diverse range of tractors and all types of farming equipment while becoming the 6th largest manufacturing company in the world. Solis, one of the known Brands of ITL, is setting new benchmarks with its compact farm tractors extraordinary prowess and utility. Solis is doing wonders and redefining agriculture by using new-age agri-tech to promote futuristic technologies among-st farmers. They are producing such resilient tractors which can work in the worst soil condition. Solis now has a global presence in more than 140+ countries with a persistent vision of always serving the best. The Brand provides farm tractors and offers a wide range of all auto components, engines, diesel gensets, etc.


Their tractor range comes in 3 series- S series, N series, and H series. These include compact farm tractors, tractors for narrow tracts, and tractors built-in with hydrostatic transmission. Solis has got you covered from any farming difficulties. What mainly distinguishes Solis as a brand from other companies is their compact tractor range, which can work efficiently on the field compared to big farm tractors. Solis focuses on every corner of farming needs by designing its models for different countries based on their agriculture and weather conditions.


Benefits of choosing Solis Compact Tractors

* Solis compact farm tractors never disappoint their users in terms of expectations. These solis 16 tractor can work in small farms, private yards for industrial purposes, snow removal, and transmit heavy material loads.

 * These models are specially made to help you deal with every problem, whether small or big. They will drive their users smoothly through any difficulties. They are the best compact tractors to go with and can work in muddy soil conditions without harming the ground.

 *  Solis compact tractors are made to perform in all kinds of terrains, be they tough, muddy, sloping, or snowy. Its dynamically balanced body and practical traction ability that holds the perfect grip of land allows its users to work effortlessly on fields.

 * Due to its compact size, this machine can help you with all the activities that a big machine cannot do. It can proficiently clean up your yards and remove the thick layers of snow with utmost comfort.