how to move your business to the cloud without any problems

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how to move your business to the cloud without any problems

It is worth considering in detail and taking into account your own networks, physical equipment or computing power, all the necessary services. This will contribute to a successful migration and, quite possibly, will bring additional savings: during inventory, processes are often optimized, and the workload is redistributed.

Today, business applications deployed in a customer's own infrastructure are usually designed from the ground up to work in a cloud infrastructure, that is, they are cloud-ready. But when it comes to migrating old and, sometimes, unsupported legacy applications, it is often necessary to reengineer such systems and their high-quality audit. In fact, you need to have a list of services planned to be transferred to the clouds, as well as information systems with which these services are closely integrated, and know what capacities are needed for them and what will be needed.

Perform a test migration

A logical test format is a gradual transfer of infrastructure. Migration in parts allows you to quickly identify and fix problems that arise in the process; one-time migration, in turn, is not so convenient and involves great risks.

At this stage, it is important to test the scalability of the cloud. Scalability can be horizontal (if one virtual machine is not powerful enough, you add another) and vertical (increasing the capacity of an existing VM).

If there are any difficulties, then it is better to seek help from who know exactly what actions need to be performed when migrating to the cloud and will do it efficiently.