cbd oil extraction machine

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With many experience in production cbd gas extraction machine, Careddi Supercritical can supply many cbd oil extraction unit. cbd oil extraction device can meet many software,

With many experience in production cbd gas extraction machine, Careddi Supercritical can supply many cbd oil extraction unit. cbd oil extraction device can meet many software, if you need, make sure you get our online appropriate service about cbd gas extraction machine. In addition into the product list below, also you can customize your own exclusive cbd oil extraction machine as outlined by your specific needs. THREE Phase Electricity Power: 15KW
Installation dimension: 3500×2000×1800mm, plus function space.
CO2 gas: Foods grade≥99. 5%, single wine bottle net weight ≥22Kg
Food grade alcohol ≥99. 5%
Distinctive highly integrated system, smaller size occupied but large capacity output.
99% from the system assembled before transport, easily installation at customer site.
Max working demand 50Mpa(500 Bar, 7250psi).
Pressure and temperature can be easily adjusted and controlled precisely.
Friendly CO2 stream route design with self-explanatory flow chart for easy training and easy operation.
Special design for the pressure-balance, can save CARBON DIOXIDE IS HOT maximum limit.
High efficiency CO2 underhand pump, can increase that pressure in shortest time.
Special design inside this pump piston system, to let the pump has very long life time with several maintenance requirements.
High quality Back-pressure regulator.
Double health and safety protection, over pressure defense gauge and safety valves.
Low extraction temperature which is suitable for extraction as well as purification of heat vulnerable compound.
Fast extraction acceleration, completely extracted, no toxicity, non-flammable, safe and sound application an non-pollution customers environment.
Being capable to supply inert environment to avoid oxidation with the products and affection with effective content of concentrated amounts.
No residue of solvent, simply no nitrate and ions involving heavy metal.
Aftersales provider
We will provide a complete after-sales service, overseas set up, commissioning and training.
Also several years free spare parts, video training, etc.
Pharmaceutical Business
Extraction of effective material of Chinese herbs, content level, refinement and precipitation connected with raw material drug, separation and refinement of fatty mixtures.
Such as: cannabis CBD oil, hops, chili color, frankincense petrol, vanilla oil, mint acrylic, nutmeg oil, agarwood essential oil, seabuckthorn seeds oil, cinnamon, coconut petrol, coffee beans, etc.
Extraction of hops, level of caffeine removal from coffee berries, extraction of plant
Makeup and Perfumery Industry
Split and refinement of pure and synthetic perfumeries, dealkalization connected with tobacco, extraction of diet material cosmetics.
Chemical Marketplace
Separation of hydrocarbon, refinement of organic synthetic natural material, separation of azeotrope, collection of raw materials involving reaction, dehydration of mineral water soluble powder of organic and natural solution, water oxidation.
Other people
Superconducting, semiconductor, ceramics, oil washing of petroleum core, enzyme catalytic reaction, prep of materials, superfine granules, removal of complex compound, supercritical dyeing technique, supercritical reaction, supercritical coating technique (pharmacy-making).