How Minecraft animal wolves are domesticated

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In the world of Minecraft, wolves are wild animals that roam the land

In the world of Minecraft, wolves are wild animals that roam the land. But what if you could pick up a wolf and make it your own? Well, you can! Through some clever strategizing and patience, taming a Minecraft animal wolf is possible. In this blog post, we'll take a look at how to domesticate wolves in Minecraft. We'll cover the basics of taming wolves, plus some tips and tricks for successfully raising them. Whether you’re looking to have a loyal companion or just want to complete an achievement in the game, these steps will help get you there.

How to domesticated a Minecraft animal wolf

First, find a wild Minecraft animal wolf. Right-click on the wolf with an empty hand to tame it. Once tamed, the wolf will follow you around and protect you from hostile mobs. You can also right-click on them with a piece of meat to have them sit or lie down.

How to train your domesticated Minecraft animal wolf

Assuming you have already tamed a wild wolf in Minecraft, here are the steps to train your domesticated animal wolf:

1. Find a quiet place where you can work with your wolf without interruption.

2. Get some food that your wolf likes - cooked meat is usually best.

3. Sit down and call your wolf to you. When it comes, give it a treat.

4. Repeat this process a few times, until your wolf seems to understand that coming to you means good things will happen.

5. Now you can start asking your wolf to do simple things like sit or lie down, and reward it when it does as you ask. Wolves are very intelligent animals and can learn tricks quite easily, so have fun teaching your new best friend everything it needs to know!


In conclusion, it is possible for players to domesticate and raise their own wolves in Minecraft. With these tips, you can now enjoy having a loyal companion when exploring the world of Minecraft. Whether you want an assistant to help with farming or just someone to keep you company while traversing your way through mobs, the added benefit of domesticated wolves makes them another great example of how tremendously versatile this game can be. So go ahead and try it out yourself – who knows what adventures await!

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