When a Relationship is at an Impasse

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When a relationship is at an impasse, it is often the case that one party has more power than the other. This is true in a relationship between a parent and a child, between a teacher and a student, and between a boss and an employee.

Why you shouldn't have any contact with your ex-boyfriends? Psychologist Sergius Gardner (by cheatingbuster.com) about what feelings a woman who communicates with her ex-partner has.

There's no way to describe the feeling of loss, pain, hurt, and even shame that came over you when you somehow unwittingly decided to start communicating with your ex-boyfriend again. The man had practically disappeared from your life. But whether it was a whim or an involuntary impulse, or a desire to tickle your nerves, to establish yourself at your expense - it came up from time to time.

Communicating with your ex-boyfriend, no more

Showed up with incomprehensible messages, or calls with far-fetched reasons why you should have reacted immediately, come to help, or at least sympathize. Oh, how it was... it's hard to find the word! If to express my feelings on the level of my body - there was always an instinctive rejection and unwillingness to respond.

Wanted to hide, become very busy, run away immediately somewhere. But it was as if he was hypnotizing you, and some force was pulling you to answer. And until you answered, there was a strong sense of unclosed gestalt, a vague uneasiness. In a word, there was discomfort both when I had to answer and when I didn't. That is, the negativity arose simply from any manifestation of a once close person.

And so, it's impossible to forget the feeling of embarrassment, confusion, complete discouragement from the known rake. The man was again merging, in his usual way. And you kept thinking, "What was it?? Why?" And you knew the answer: it was snow, rain, rainbows-the typical manifestations of a psychopath you can never fix. Not even worth trying, and you tried for the umpteenth time.

And again I ran into a blind wall of incomprehension, rebounded from it, hit myself. Well, you have to once and for all decide for yourself: no-no. There is nothing else with him, nowhere, and in the kitchen there is something squeaking, and in general you are gone.

Yes, that's how harsh, somewhere even ugly it was. But this is, perhaps, the only dignified way out of the situation. Or, it's not even a situation, but a man's diagnosis, which he subtly, but quite consciously, begins to plant on you. To transfer his inner discord onto you, just tormenting you, taking perverted pleasure in it.

But if you ask him what you do? I'm sure he'll say, "I ain't me, and the horse ain't mine. I'm a white and fluffy unicorn, and I pee only in rainbows". That's the tale. ? Run for your life, save yourself, trust only yourself.published by econet...