CSGO Jan 29 update makes changes to Mirage, Dust2, Train – patch notes

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s January 29 patch brought updates to five different maps, some of which opened up crucial areas for popular locales in Dust2 and Train.

Valve is fine-tuning their legendary shooter to fix some issues that have been cropping up in places like Mirage, and improving other newer maps like Studio. This time around, there’s been changes that will open up more tactical approaches for both sides of the server.

That’s mainly because the devs have added elements that will make some areas more readily accessible to some players, while taking out obstructions that will open up site takes and other tactical moves in the popular FPS.

Dust2’s B site

This one seems pretty straightforward but is actually a major map update for the classic CSGO map.

Dust2’s B site has largely been the target of infamous rushes or splits, with little other options to actually set up the site. But now that the skyboxes from the B halls have been opened up, players can now figure ways to safely execute onto the site.

This will also be a godsend for CTs looking to take back control of B which many have called one of the hardest sites in the game to retake.

It didn’t take long for players to start taking advantage of the new skyboxes, with various community members, like u/Pat2424 on Reddit, already sharing interesting new tricks and grenade spots.