How to evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Wondering how to evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players will encounter over a hundred new Gen 9 Pokemon, and there's a lot of cuteness among them. Big eyes, sharp teeth, and funny bangs on his head make Shroodle a must-have for any Pokémon trainer. As a Poison-type and Normal-type Pokémon, Shroodle will be a great ally against Grass, Poison, Bug, Fairy and Ghost-type Pokémon. If you upgrade it, you can evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Plus, it's easy to do. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon Sword and Shield at PKMBuy.

How to evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai

The first thing you must do is find and capture the best wrap dog in the wild. As you can see in the picture above, this Pokémon lives in many places. But if you're new to the game, focus your search around Southern Province (2nd District) and the town of Los Platos. Take a look at the characteristics of this Pokémon, especially its true nature. If you catch Shroodle with Adamant or Jolly, consider yourself lucky because he's a great ally.

Then you can level up this Pokémon to evolve it. Unlike most other Gen 9 Pokémon, you don't need to meet any additional requirements to evolve Shroodle into Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You need to upgrade it to level 28, after which it will automatically turn into Grafaiai.

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Plus, Scarlet and Violet have lots of new mechanics to help your Pokemon level up. First, you can add it to your party, and Shroodle will automatically gain experience when fighting other Pokémon. Second, you can send him to fight automatically. The Pokemon will fight until he loses all HP, after which he will return to you at a higher level. But it's best to use it when fighting NPCs. After all, fighting under your leadership, the sloth will upgrade faster.

This second evolved form of the Pokémon is much stronger, but has the same weaknesses and strengths. As such, Grafaiai is an excellent fighter against Grass, Poison, Bug, and Fairy-type Pokémon, and is unaffected by Ghost-type moves. Also, this Pokémon should avoid fighting Ground and Psychic Pokémon.

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