Need a last minute flight?

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Getting comfortable is easy with a little help from Netflights. Our smart price comparison tool helps you find the cheapest flights - we scan thousands of ways to track down the best deals. Whether you're thinking of a specific spot for a last-minute city break, or you're happy with cheap flights to anywhere in the world, we'll find the late deal for you. Here's how to find cheap last-minute flights, and the best places to go for a great vacation.

How to get a great deal

With Netflights, finding cheap flights couldn't be easier - even if you want to fly last minute. You can use our filters to search by date and destination to compare flight prices. When you get your results, check the flight times, because flying too early or too late is often cheaper. It's also best to look at a range of airport options. For example, if you're looking for late deals on flights to New York, we'd suggest comparing airfares to all three airports, not just JFK. Likewise, if you're looking for last-minute flights from London, you'll have a better chance of getting a good price if you compare all five airports, rather than focusing exclusively on Heathrow or Gatwick. There will be a better chance. If you can be flexible with your itinerary, booking flights last minute can definitely save you money.

Are last minute flights cheap?

Airplane-goers will be pleased to know that, in general, when it comes to finding cheap last-minute flights, the more flights you take, the better deal you'll get. When you look at the price vs. the distance, a last minute long drive is better value for money. It is often cheaper to book a spontaneous trip abroad than if you had already planned the same vacation. Seems like a good excuse, right? With our filters, you can search for last minute flights to Vegas, or find late deals on flights to Bangkok. Or, if you really want to indulge your impulsive side, you can even book flights to Australia.