Benefits of Lufthansa business class

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Lufthansa Business Class flights passengers benefit from priority check-in, baggage handling, security screening and boarding procedures. Flight attendants also make sure that Business Class passengers are able to disembark before Economy Class and Premium Economy Class upon arrival. The restrooms are generally the same as those in economy, but they are sometimes stocked with additional amenities similar to those found in business class amenity sets. Lufthansa provides Business Class passengers with an amenity kit containing socks, earplugs, toothbrushes and L'Occitane body products.

Lufthansa business class meals

Lufthansa serves a three-course main meal in Business Class on long-haul flights, followed by a pre-arrival meal with a choice of hot or cold options. The menu rotates every few months, and one of the menu options is usually meatless. Lufthansa also offers a wide range of breads, from wholegrain and white slices or lavash biscuits to white, wheat or pretzel buns.

A typical menu for a flight from Frankfurt to Los Angeles offered an appetizer selection of marinated salmon, beef tenderloin, or goat cheese tartare. Main dishes include grilled chicken, cod or white asparagus and a selection of cheeses with sauces and fruit or ice cream for dessert.

Passengers who want to grab a quick meal can have appetizers, cheese and dessert on one tray. On typical overnight trips of less than 8 hours after 8:00 pm, the hosts will serve all courses, including the main, on one tray to allow more time to sleep.

On longer voyages, a snack station is set up near the sailing ships so that passengers can help themselves.
Alcohol is free in business class. Lufthansa's wine list is generally extensive, with many German whites and reds as well as an international selection and French Champagnes. A standard selection of soft drinks and alcohol is also available.

Lufthansa business class vs first class

First class passengers on Lufthansa often have a separate airport lounge (and a completely separate terminal at Frankfurt Airport), where they are taken to and from the airport in select cities (and for aircraft in some airports). The seating area is more spacious and the cabin more intimate, with upgraded menus (think more options including better caviar and champagne) and amenities.

What is the cost of a business class ticket on Lufthansa?

Round-trip fares from New York to Europe usually start at $3,000 to $4,000. It's more common to see fares of $4,000 or more to and from the West Coast of the United States, though off-peak appointments are often discounted. At Going, we often find that our elite members can score deals under $2,500 round trip.

How to upgrade to Lufthansa Business Class for free.

Once a booking is complete, Lufthansa sells an upgrade to Business Class for a reasonable additional cost on a part-by-part basis. Lufthansa does not usually upgrade passengers to Business Class free of charge unless there is a need to relieve overbooking, switch equipment or some other exceptional situation.