Into Nothing

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Out of the Darkness came the light

NOTHING [ Acts 2:17 Your old men will dream dreams]


I had a dream last night. I was both awake and asleep. So real.


I awakened early in the night, then quickly fell back to sleep. Seemed that almost right away a figure I seemed to know came to me.

I stood up and the figure asked me a question.

"Mankind has been dwelling on the universe, trying to decide how big it really is and when it began....can you tell me?"

I knew who it was and replied "no Lord, but you know, and I would like to see it."

The Lord put his arm around me and asked something more. "do you know what is beyond the universe I created?"

I replied in a question. "Nothing?"

Then it seems like an instant and there we stood. There was a line I could both see and not see. Beyond that line was darkness. No stars, no light of any kind.

The Lord said "here is your nothing."

I tried to look again straining my eyes in an attempt to see anything beyond Gods creation. I could not.

Then the Lord said, ”it was in the darkness I made the light. It was in the mist that I made the water. It was  from the dust I made a man. It was not made from nothing. Nothing does not exist.”

Then He told me to step into the darkness.

I was frightened. I looked all around me and I saw nothing. I reached out for anything, anyone to touch. Nothing. I cried out to Jesus, but there was no sound. I tried to walk back to the creation but though my legs seemed to move I did not.

It was then I realized, as I dwelt inside of nothing, I myself became nothing. Then I felt a tug, and I once again was in the arms of Jesus.

He said, "I did not make nothing. Something has always existed. It has always been in my control. The word nothing does not exist because even the word itself refers to something that is simply not there. It is not real, understand now I created everything."

"The darkness itself is not "nothing”. It is something. It is darkness from which I made the light. There is no edge to the universe because when you stepped out into nothing, it was not there."

The universe is more than vast. It has no end, because beyond it nothing can exist. And since there is no such thing as nothing, my creation goes on into infinity. A creation of which no man can comprehend. When you stood inside nothing, you simply did not exist. You could stand there forever, but it would not matter, because you would not exist. If there were such a thing as nothing, it would destroy all that which is something, that is my creation. A thing I cannot allow, so you must understand. Nothing is not real. It does not exist save for unto itself. There isn't anything within my creation that has nothing in it.”

I am the alpha and the omega, but the omega does not refer to nothing. Consider that the end of something always allows for a new thing. It never results in nothing, which cannot exist in my creation.“

Nothing: It is a myth."


Now, awake, I could see the room I was in was dark. I seemed to know that even though the darkness used to bring fear to me, now it did not.

I knew that wherever I went, whatever I did, I was inside the domain of Gods creation, and I was safe.

Gods' “creation”; A universe in which every step I took he would be there.

Nothing, does not exist, because God is everywhere.

Nothing is indeed a myth.


David A Steele 2019