Software development for beginners

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Software development is interesting for both programmers and those who want to become such. This article touches on the concepts you need to get started.

What is programming?

The simplest and most accurate answer is "Programming is the act of instructing computers to complete tasks." It is also called development or coding.

So what is a computer program? Software is a sequence of instructions executed by a PC. A computer is any device that can process code. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets, ATMs, Raspberry Pi, servers, etc.

Software development and analogy

First, there are examples of programming even in everyday life. The universe is pretty predictable: day and night, seasons, sunrise and sunset. People go through stages such as meeting a new day, going to school, university or work. We receive instructions from bosses and teachers. There are also recipes that you can follow to prepare a dish. Secondly, every time we use devices, the code embedded in them is already running in the background. Moving the cursor from one part of the screen to another may seem like a simple task, but in fact, this process is responsible for a lot of lines of written code. An act as simple as typing letters into Google Docs causes the code to run in the background. These are normal, day-to-day processes common to all IT devices.

Computer programs are also code. However, it is best not to use the word "codes": this is unprofessional.laughing

Natural language of the computer

Machines use their own language. They do not understand Russian, English or Spanish. The natural language of electronic equipment is binary code - 1 and 0. It represents two states: on (1), off (0).

Master programming languages
To communicate with machines that speak a binary language, we learn languages ​​that are as close as possible to our own, namely programming languages. They are clearly structured and should be carefully studied.

There are high and low levels. High-level programming languages ​​are farther from machine programming than low-level languages. This "further" is usually called abstraction. Note: if you have any difficulties in learning a programming language or any other problems, you can always seek professional advice

The computer needs to understand our human language. For this you need a translator.

Definition of translators
Source code refers to code written in the programming language of your choice. Translators are responsible for converting the source code into machine language (the very ones and zeros). We may refer to binaries, such as code for an object, a program, or the commonly used term today, an application.

Translators can be any:

hybrids of interpreters and compilers;