Green New Deal

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Pipeline versus Lithium Mine... I like the pipeline all green deal, there is no green new deal in a lithium mine.  “We the People...” need to understand the rational for the careless decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline.  Pipelines like the Keystone XL are the safest & mo

When you claim you’re the party of the American working class you actually have to support working; encouraging  and fostering the creation of new jobs and protecting existing jobs and growing industries.

American energy innovation is respected around the world, and for the first time in over 75 years the United States of America is energy independent.  In November, 2020, was the first time we did not import ANY foreign oil.  By canceling the Keystone Pipeline, Placeholder OBuyDone has put 11,000 American workers (8,000 are Union Jobs) out of work raised energy costs for families around the US.  This equates to over 1.6 BILLION dollars in wages.  We are deep in the mist of a global pandemic, with over 16 million American citizens out of work, businesses closing daily and this administration on Day 1 divides our country further and cancels these 11,000 jobs.  
During the Obama administration, five EPA assessment studies were completed, with all 5 passing and approving the pipeline extension.  Now get ready for this one.  The entire extension—the pipe that was going to be installed would have been made out of 100 percent United States Steel.   
We can not sit around watching our fellow citizens lose their jobs, our Republican judges need to get to work NOW and start fighting these irresponsible and absurd EO’s with nation-wide injunctions.  This is only a win for the radical left culture warriors, the progressive left liberal principle socialist agenda, American citizens are the losers.  This is a very rare form of stupidity.  It’s time to get work...