Madden NFL 21 Tips For Beginners

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Madden NFL 21 Tips For Beginners

If you just indulged in the Madden franchise with the release of Madden NFL 21, there's a lot you need to know about the game before you can play it competitively, and that's where these Madden NFL 21 Beginners Tips come in MUT Coins. To help you understand all the details of Madden 21 Coins, we've prepared this guide to guide you through all the beginner tips and tricks you need to know about this game. Sliding
The contrast mechanics have been slightly reworked in Madden NFL 21, so being tackled won't make you all clumsy with the ball. However, your QBs still have a chance to get injured if they are dealt with hard enough

That's where the sliding ability comes in. Not only does slipping allows you to gain some ground, but it also helps you avoid being plated

This will help you keep your team in good shape.The slip ability has also been reworked
This new slide can only be run at a certain time, that is, when your player is running at maximum speed and there is no defender near him. To run the slide, hold down the acceleration trigger (R2 for PlayStation and RT for Xbox) and press Square (for PlayStation) or X (buy Madden 21 Coins for Xbox)

Note that there is a small animation that occurs before you actually scroll. If a linebacker or cornerback is too close to you when you hit the slide, they might catch you while that little animation is happening

If you run the slide correctly, you won't be able to be targeted by any opponent (not even defenders controlled by the opposing player himself). The opponent will automatically jump on you instead of tackle

Audible in attack. When you are on the playcall screen, you will choose an offensive play and the opponent will later choose his defense

When you reach the line, you may come to the conclusion that your opponent's defense is too good for your attack. This is where the audible will help you

They will allow you to change your game on the line. When the game shows players on the pitch after players have selected attack and defense, the game gives you the ability to control your game by pressing R2

If you have a few open lanes to hit, you'll see green in this menu. If you control the game and realize that your offense is poor compared to your opponent's defense, press X to open the audible window

This window will show you a list of preset plays for different offensive playbooks. Now you can move on to the game that you think can hold up well against the opposing defense

There is a time limit for this, so do it as fast as possible. These options will give you one or two players you can sideways to

Learn sideways.The first thing you need to do in order to successfully run a side is to select any playback option in the menu excluding reading options

When you're on the court, hold down R2 to see the defender you can sideways to and then snap the ball. Start running in the direction you want and as you run, watch the defender at all times

This defender will meet the QB or RB. If they crash into the QB, press L1 (or R1 if there is another defender) to sideways the ball

This will guarantee you an open area to run with the RB. The side should be used very carefully and strategically

If you don't do it correctly, it can cause an error. So, do a sideway only when you actually need it

Execution of Hurdle and Jurdle.Running an obstacle is very simple
All you have to do is press Triangle (on PlayStation) or Y (on Xbox) while you control a player with the ball during the attack. You can also perform a "jurdle" by moving the left analog stick to the right or left while you press the obstacle button

Jurdle is a mix of juke and hurdle. It's an even better way to dodge defenders Although these are very simple moves to make, you still have to execute them in a very strategic way

Make sure there is enough space between you and the defender as you run the obstacle/giurdle so as not to spoil everything.