China Tractor Crane factory

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China Tractor Crane factoryChina Tractor Crane factory

China Tractor Crane factory Model No.SQ500ZB5Unit Max Lifting moment500Kn.m Boom Section5stage Boom raising angle1-75degree Swing Rang Angle360掳 continuesdegree Rated Working Pressure28mpa Oiltank Capacity300L Related Oil Flow80L/min Outrigger Span2330-7100mm Crane Weight6600kg Installation Space1530mm Our advantages 1. Humanize design, fresh appearance, easy to operate, and can meet different demands from customers. 2. Folded crane arm, easy to install. Save more space and lengthen the container. Well-adapted to different areas. 3. Use international standard high-strength steel to reduce the weight of the crane. 4. Using hexagonal structure, reducing the lateral sway. 5. Hydraulic control system, reliable system performance, added cylinder buffering, lower fault rate and longer life cycle. 6. Italian brand of balance valve, hydraulic lock, operated valve, hydraulic pump and other core parts, to ensure the micro-mobility, security and stability. 7. Optional tools: remote control, basket, auger, grab, torque limiter, load Indicator.China Tractor Crane factory website: