Singulair Lawsuits: Neuropsychiatric Issues

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Several singulair lawsuits have been brought against the drug's maker, Merck & Co., due to the medication's severe mental health side effects. Millions of people take the asthma and allergy medication sing

For both adults and children with severe allergies and asthma, Singulair is a well-liked prescription drug. It is Merck Co.'s responsibility to make the medication. In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted it medical use approval to assist in preventing asthma episodes in people 12 months of age and older.

As a leukotriene inhibitor, montelukast reduces the body's response to allergens. Muscles surrounding the lungs and airways are constricted by leukotriene in the body. Singulair treats asthma and lessens allergic reactions by taming this response.

Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in March 2020 that it would be adding a "black box" warning label—the agency's strongest warning label—to the medication, warning patients of severe neuropsychiatric injuries including anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts and actions, there has been an increase in singulair lawsuits.

Singulair's mechanism of action may cause serious neuropsychiatric damage or adverse effects on mental health; Children who use Singulair may be at greater risk than adults. Relatives of those who used the drug, had significant mental health problems, and subsequently killed themselves claim they were not aware of the negative health effects until their loved ones passed away.

Patient advocates are developing claims to aid those harmed by Singulair as proof of the drug's potential to cause serious and harmful mental health problems grows. Lawsuits to seek compensation from the makers of singulair are now possible, according to the FDA and other research findings.

Singulair (Montelukast), an asthma and allergy medication, has been linked to severe mental health adverse effects, including depression, suicidal ideation, and suicide. You or a loved one may be entitled to compensation to assist with paying for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other associated expenditures. The severity of the plaintiff's injuries as a result of using the medicine will determine how much money can be recovered from singulair in a personal injury lawsuit, among other things.

To make a claim, you must be able to show that using Singulair injured you or a member of your family. The medical records of the sufferers must be shown in order to show the origin of the problem. To better comprehend the attorneys' goals in the case, medical documents must be evaluated by a reputable medical record review company like LezDo TechMed.