What equipment is commonly used in beer fermenter?

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What equipment is commonly used in beer fermenter? The equipment on beer fermenter mainly includes stainless steel fermenter, storage tank, freezer tank, juice jar, sugar jar, as well as early crushing, extrusion, separation, subsequent storage and filling of the finished product. An important part of wine production equipment and technology is fermentation and cooling. For example, control of fermentation temperature and control of refrigeration may vary depending on equipment technology and the unique design employed by each manufacturer. Next, Shangyun Xiaobian will introduce beer fermenter equipment to you.

Refrigerated tank

Cold storage tank is widely used in distillery, beverage factory, food factory and other frozen products. Refrigerant: glycol or ethanol, cooling time: 12 hours, from 20℃ cooling to -18℃. Types fall into two categories: horizontal and vertical. The material is imported stainless steel, the thickness is generally 2.5-5mm, depending on user requirements. Auxiliary parts are provided with level gauge, sampling valve, feed valve, drain valve, vent valve and well sealed edible silicone. The weld is made of smooth, flat argon arc welding, and is cleaned and pickled.

Wine fermenter

Dairy and wine fermentation processes are sterile and pollution-free processes. The wine fermenter uses an aseptic system to avoid and prevent airborne microbial contamination and significantly expand. Because of the shelf life and purity of the products, we specially designed and installed a sterile breathing valve or sterile positive pressure fermentation system in the tank. The tank is fitted with a Milo plate or labyrinth jacket that allows heating and cooling to circulate through the heating and cooling medium. Capacity ranges from 200 to 15,000ml in a variety of specifications, can be customized according to your requirements.

Sandwich pan (sugar pan)

Stainless steel sandwich pot is widely used in candy, drugstore, dairy products, wine, pastries, drinks, honey, canned food and other food processing. Used for cooking in large restaurants and cafeterias. Soup, boiling, stewing, sweet food, etc., are food processing to improve quality, save time, improve the working conditions of the excellent equipment.

Cooling system

High configuration compression and condensing units meet current and future requirements for performance, noise, compact manufacturing quality, and compliance with environmental standards. Cooling systems are designed for multiple uses with a wide range of operating conditions. All parts are processed with high quality and precision to extend the service life of the products. Because of the special design of the machine, the motor in the press is cooled by suction air. Unit internal protection, efficient ring valve design, large torque motor and other reliable advantages, simple and reliable installation.

beer fermenter https://www.hzzjde.com/Fermentation_tank/