repeater manufacturer Principle and Precautions?

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repeater manufacturer

The repeater manufacturer is a hand-held ground measuring instrument. The instrument is equipped with necessary accessories for testing, and the operation is simple and intuitive. The repeater manufacturer is used to measure ground resistance and on this basis to evaluate ground quality. This instrument is equipped with two pliers: voltage pliers and current pliers. The voltage clamp excites an induced potential E in the measured loop and generates a current I in the measured loop. The meter can measure the value I through the current clamp. Through the measurement of E and I, the value of R can be obtained by Ohm's law: R=E/I.

1. When storing and keeping this table, please pay attention to the ambient temperature and humidity. It is appropriate to keep it in a dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture, and prevent acid, alkali and corrosive gas.

2. When measuring the protection grounding resistance, disconnect the electrical device from the power supply. When measuring ground resistance less than 1Ω, use special wires to connect to the ground body, C2 on the outside and P2 on the inside, as shown in Figure 4:

3. When measuring the grounding resistance of a large grounding network, the general wiring method cannot be used to measure the grounding resistance. The insertion point can be selected according to the provisions of the ammeter and voltmeter measurement method.

4. When measuring ground resistance, it is best to repeatedly measure in different directions for 3 ~ 4 times and take its average value.

5. This instrument is used for both AC and DC. When not connected to AC, the instrument uses battery power supply. When connected to AC, AC power is preferred.

6. If ← is displayed in the upper left corner of the watch head, the battery voltage is insufficient. Replace the battery. When the instrument is not used for a long time, all the batteries should be taken out to avoid corrosion of the instrument.

repeater manufacturer